1. What is the Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress?

The Alexander Signature is a premium memory foam mattress specially crafted and developed for great comfort, support, and consistent relief from pain.  

It’s made by Nest Bedding, a popular firm with a long history in the industry.

Today, Nest Bedding has skyrocketed in popularity, and become one of the leading mattress-in-a-box companies.

It continues to execute their strategy of selling premium quality mattresses using advanced technology to provide a perfect balance between support and comfort.

Nest Bedding is committed to providing a great sleeping experience to their clients through their high quality mattresses.

It is not only recognized for its great comfort but for its multiple, and state of the art mattress features that have consumers all across the globe talking and raving.

The Alexander Hybrid mattress is quite possibly the most comfortable bed available on the internet. It is the ideal blend of support from pressure relief and independently wrapped coils from the first Copper suffused memory foam on the market.

It is one of the most comfortable beds, featuring high quality individual coils along with additional edge support.

It is designed with a soft quilted top layer that provides high breathability, and great cooling.

2. Does it Become Hot While I Sleep?

Since the mattress is made with SmartFlow Air Flow Foam and High Density Gel Memory, it helps you to sleep much cooler as compared to conventional memory foam mattresses.

While not a huge exponent of whether copper suffused foams actually work, the blend of this fabric with the foam construction, and coil used in the mattress does a good job of ensuring the bed is cooler than several similar mattresses.

According to research, most consumers found no issues with heat retention, though a some users did complain some heat retention.

3. How is its Firmness?

The Alexander Signature has a kind of feel that resembles that of a foam mattress rather than an innerspring mattress.

With three levels of firmness- soft, medium, and firm, the Alexander Signature is designed to fit the requirements of a wide array of users, and comes with a 5 to 6 out of 10 on a firmness scale, where 10 is the firmest.

In addition to this, the mattress is unique in a way that it combines pocket coils and foam. This innovative pocketed coil system supports weight of the users throughout the mattress.

Furthermore, the bounce of the mattress is equally impressive, and creates a little more motion transfer than you will get with a 100% foam mattress.

The mattress works amazingly well with the copper infused gel memory foam to deliver a great sleeping experience.

4. What Kind of Cover Does it Have?

The cover of the Alexander Signature is aesthetically sharp- both stylish and fashionable.

It is made of a blend of 80% rayon, and 20% polyester, along with a polyurethane foam pad added to provide extra pressure relief and comfort.

This special blend delivers great cooling as well as breathability.

A mix of blue and white colors all along the perimeter of the mattress, and a modern floral design with a leafy pattern that is woven right into the cover, is every bit eye-catching as it is appealing.

5. Are there Multiple Layers?

Yes,  the Alexander Signature is crafted with the following different layers of varied foams and pocketed coils that easily mold and contour to your body.

  • Top Layer: This is the 2″ padded cover especially designed to improve the flow of air for the pressure points as well as the foam between the mattress and your body.
  • Second Layer: This is a 2″ comfort and cooling layer of copper infused gel memory foam. Copper is basically a heat conductor, and draws away heat from your body while keeping the sleeping surface cool.
  • Third Layer: This is a 2″ of SmartFlow foam which is a transitional supply poly foam specially designed to improve cooling while providing good support too.
  • Bottom Layer: This is the foundation layer which is 7″ of pocketed coils. It is designed to work as the foundation for the bed as well as deep compression support. Its pocketed coil design helps to push back against the foams on top, thereby providing excellent bounce, balanced feel, and deep compression support.

6. Is Movement on the Mattress Noticeable?

The motion transfer for Alexander Signature is not as good as some of the other similar mattresses.

Since motion transfer and sinkage is largely weight dependent, so if you weigh light, you may experience less sinkage as compared to those who weigh heavy.

Though it is not quite as good as an all foam mattress, it does deliver a very nice balance between both the bounce and the motion transfer.

In addition to this, the mattress feels stable and creates a solid, edge to edge usable sleep surface.

The edge support pocketed coils offer the necessary support to give the entire mattress a solid foundation, including the edges as well.

Sleeping on this bed you are able to feel a consistent feel across the entire top of the mattress, and as far as sitting on the edge goes, there is a little less support, but it is still very solid for minimal sitting use.

All in all, you  you can still experience a restful night of sleep.

7. Can I Return it if I Don’t Like it?

Yes, you can return the mattress if you don’t really like it. The company allows you to use it for a period of 100 days.

If you use the Alexander Signature and find you are not happy with it for any reason at all, you can return the mattress for a full refund, and no shipping charges.

You have a full 100 days and nights to test out your new Alexander Signature, in order to make sure that it is the ideal mattress for you.

This in turn affords consumers the opportunity to try out and fully experience their new Alexander Signature.

If you feel that the mattress is not appropriate for you, just call their customer service, and the company will make all the necessary arrangements for your mattress return.

8. Does it Need a Base?

Yes, the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress requires a base in the form of a foundation or non-flexible slats with a center support.

However, the company does not recommend the use of older style box springs.

It is best to keep your mattress on a foundation that has no flex, and is breathable.

However, if you choose to use non-flexible slats, be certain that they are no more than 4” apart.

9. How Big is it? How is it Delivered?

The mattress totals 13″ in height.

Once your order is placed, your mattress will be shipped directly to your doorstep within 3 to 5 business days absolutely free of cost.

However, the shipping time will vary depending upon your specific location, and upon delivery, you can easily open the box, and set it up.

In addition to this, if you want your order prompter, you can always choose to accelerate your order at an extra cost, and all that you need to do is email the company, and ask them to give the exact price before they begin the process.

Once the item has shipped, the company will email you the tracking number, so that you can easily trace your mattress.

10. How Can I Clean the Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress?

In order to clean your Alexander Signature, you can simply use cool water and a mild dish detergent. 

Always make sure you use gentle rubbing or blotting while trying to remove stains or dirt from your new mattress.

11. Will it Last Long?

This hybrid mattress, according to our data, presents with a greater lifespan as well as longevity of life as compared to typical memory foam mattresses.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress is built with USA certified components that are built to last.

The quality of construction on this bed outdoes several other similar mattresses. In addition to this, the stitching is tight and nice, and made with strong materials.

The uppermost part of the mattress appears like it will stay supportive and strong as long as it is taken care of properly.

And as for the inside of the bed, the second layer, which is beneath the quilted cover, is the most durable. It is constructed with high density gel memory foam that was built with durability in mind.

12. Does it Smell Like Chemicals?

With the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress, you get the effects of memory foam with slight off gassing period.

When you first take your mattress out of its packaging, there is a slight off gassing resulting from the overall packaging process

However, the smell dissipates in a few hours or at the most in a couple of days.

In addition to this, it is an eco-friendly mattress, while remaining economical with these types of features.

All foams are Certi-PUR certified. and this mattress is crafted in the USA with durable certified components that are built to last.

13. What is the Warranty Coverage?

The mattress has a 20 year warranty against defects in workmanship and material.

For 20 years from the purchase date of your Alexander Signature mattress, if you experience any defect covered under this warranty, the company will either replace or repair your mattress absolutely free of cost.

14. How Much Does it Cost?

For the quality and comfort of the Alexander Signature mattress, the price range between $899 to $1399 is certainly a good value for money.

The mattress is economically priced, coming in at $1,199 for a Queen. This is a good price given the construction and quality materials used in the mattress.

However, prices vary according to the size of the mattress.

  • Twin mattress $899
  • Twin XL $999
  • Full/Double $1,099
  • Queen $1,199
  • King $1,399
  • California King $1,399
  • Split King $999
  • Split California King $999

You can also avail a discount of $200 at this link  if ordered directly from their website.

15. Summary

The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress is a wonderful mattress for someone who likes a quality constructed bed that is comfortable as well as firm.

It is recommended for anyone who likes the pillow type, and also knowing that their bed is healthy for the environment. With a balanced level of body hug, bounce, cooling, support, and comfort, this mattress has made a name for itself.

It creates a conventional feel with the additional cooling and comfort benefits from copper infused and gel memory foams.

The convoluted foam helps your body manage its ideal sleeping temperature through the seasons. Furthermore, its copper infused memory foam layer helps to pull heat away from your body into the copper making the bed sleep cool.

The mattress offers a delightful feel that is comfortable as compared to other premium luxury mattresses.

From a comfortable level of support to excellent edge support, to stable spine alignment, the mattress is a good option for those who require a balanced level of comfort as well as support.

However, if you still want to find your perfect mattress, and are not convinced this is the ideal mattress for you, check out our Best Mattress Guide that offers a wide array of other mattresses available for purchase on the market today.