Amerisleep Mattresses

ameri-logoAmerisleep is a Mattress manufacturing company in the United States of America. The company has a range of memory foam mattresses geared towards providing comfortable sleep and rest. Amerisleep claims to use the best standards in manufacturing their products. They use high-quality memory foam, which is customized and produced in America. The mattresses can be great choices depending on what your personal needs are. We will focus on the general quality of their products and the basic services they provide.

Amerisleep Mattress Qualities

There are a number of similarities in mattresses manufactured by Amerisleep, such as in construction and other details. The following are some of the similarities you will find in Amerisleep mattresses.

Celliant– This refers to the advanced thread that Amerisleep uses in making their mattress covers. The thread is created through combining thermoreactive materials. The components turn the heat from the body to infrared light. The infrared light and celliant are clinically proven to enhance blood circulation, increase cell oxygenation and regulate body temperature.

Fire Guard – Amerisleep makes use of a special fire sock instead of the conventional chemical fire retardant. This fire sock is made using man-made fiber from wood pulp and sand (silica). In the case of a fire, the sock melts and smothers the flames. This fire guard technology is GreenGuard certified, and this means that Amerisleep’s fire sock will not add any pollutants to the room, air or damage the environment.

The Bio-Pur Foam – The Bio-Pur foam refers to the 4.0 lb memory foam used in all Amerisleep Mattresses. The form is customized by the company and is designed to offer great support, cooling, and comfort. Depending on your mattress choice, this form will be available in 2 to 3 inches (5.08 to 7.62 centimeters) thickness. When selecting your mattress, keep in mind that this foam is not the same as Bio-Pur+, which is an advanced foam with more to offer and thus expensive.

SMT (Surface Modification Technology) – This is special foam added to some of the advanced Amerisleep Mattress models, such as the Independence and Colonial. The foam is modified to improve cooling and breathability by creating spaces for the air to flow through. The foam also improves pressure point distribution and increase support in areas that require it most.

VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) – This is a process used by Amerisleep to make all their mattresses. While most of the memory foam mattresses on the market are created in open air, VPF takes a different direction, where the process is closed. This process gives the company the chance to eliminate any pollutants, that might get into the mattress. VPF is the main reason why mattresses from Amerisleep have larger cellular structures that contribute to the cool feel offered by the mattresses. Owners have said that VPF technology is more than just a marketing strategy.

Bio-Core Base – All foundational layers of Amerisleep mattresses are made of this support foam. Depending on your mattress choice, you will get Bio-Core bases ranging from 6 to 9 inches (15.24 – 22.86 centimeters) in thickness.

AmeriSleep Services

When buying a mattress, the services the company offers are very important because some of them will determine how good your experience with their mattress will be. The following are the basic services that you will get with Amerisleep mattresses.

Warranty – With most of their mattresses, you will get a 20-year warranty. Ten years of full replacement and ten years pro-rated. The warranty is a good sign that the manufacturer believes that the mattress will last long. Use the warranty years to gauge the lifespan of the mattress you are buying.

Trial Period – Most mattresses have a trial period of 90 days.

Exchanges and Refunds – Most of the refunds and exchanges are possible within the trial period (90 days) with 100% money back guarantees. You will need to pay for the mattress’s mailing.

Amerisleep mattresses are manufactured in the United States, and if you are all about buying American, this is an excellent mattress choice.

Green and Organic – The mattresses have a fire sock that is GreenGuard certified and are made from plant-based components.

Important Information

Owners have reported that the Amerisleep mattresses conform to the body contours, and this reduces the pressure points. The mattresses score well on noise because they are silent in all conditions. The company is honest about the components they use in their products, and this makes them one of the best companies in the market. The company boasts of A+ Better Business Bureau rating, which shows that there are fewer complaints, and this is above average when compared to other mattress brands. Mattresses from Amerisleep have a lifespan of about six years, and this is not a bad deal especially for mattresses in this class.

Amerisleep Products

Apart from mattresses, Amerisleep offers other products such as adjustable beds, adjustable bed packages and other bed and mattress related accessories. The most popular mattresses from Amerisleep are:

Columbus Bed – starts from $699 for a twin-size

This model provides essential comfort combined with uncompromising support which is great for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

Americana – starts at $749 for twin-size

The American offers universal comfort which offers a balance between firm and soft and is an ideal choice for all sleepers.

Liberty – starts at $949 for twin-size

Liberty mattresses provide contouring support for exceptional pressure relief. It is ideal for all sleepers, but great for side sleepers.

Revere – starts at 999 for twin-size

This is the most popular Amerisleep mattress providing exceptional pressure relief and outstanding alignment. It is ideal for all sleepers, but back sleepers will find it most relaxing.

Colonial – starts at $1449 for twin-XL size

The colonial Mattress makes use of Bio-Pur+technology which gives it exceptional comfort. Surface Modification Technology (SMT) ensures that sleepers enjoy a cool feeling and pressure relief. The mattress is ideal for all sleepers, but side sleepers will reap maximum benefits.

Independence – starts at $1799 for twin-XL size

This mattress is designed to provide elite comfort and an extra bounce offered by the Active Flex layer. The mattress is ideal for all sleepers, but side sleepers will find it most comfortable.

Keep in mind that the prices are higher for other mattress sizes.


Amerisleep Pros

  • Amerisleep mattresses are comfortable and give you a value for your money.
  • There are limited reports on heat retention.
  • The company has different models and offers a variety of firmness options that meet the needs of different sleepers.
  • You get all the mattress specifications to help you make a better choice.
  • The mattress has great motion isolation, and this makes them ideal for couples.
  • Owners have reported that the mattresses have pain relief potential.
  • Amerisleep mattresses are quiet in all situations.

Amerisleep Cons

  • There are some reports related to off-gassing.
  • Some owners have reported that their mattresses sometimes act as heat traps making the bed excessively warm and uncomfortable.
  • Some owners have reported the development of cavity.
  • There are reports of people getting a mattress that is harder or softer than they expected.