1. What is the Aviya Mattress?

Aviya is a high quality hybrid mattress that promises luxury, convenience, and comfort. The mattress is a unique blend of innerspring coil and foam that offers a nice plush feel.

Offering 3 softness options along with supportive innerspring, this high-end luxury bed provides a comfortable sleep surface. The innerspring are 800 coil based, thereby making the mattress highly responsive and supportive.

With the best innerspring system and quality foams available today, Aviya surpasses its competitors in support and comfort.

Most mattress companies use all types of materials, layers, and foams to make their mattresses sound more expensive, however, Aviya truly wants its mattress to be affordable, and thus uses only industry-leading innerspring core.

The mattress offers both what a lot of innerspring and memory foam mattresses don’t: the pressure reduction and comfort of foam, along with the bounce of coils and support. With its several layers, the Aviya mattress offers the ultimate blend of softness and support.

Furthermore, the Aviya mattress uses CertiPUR-US certified foams, which implies that the mattress is made without toxic chemicals such as, lead, mercury, volatile organic compounds, and formaldehyde.

2. Does it Become Hot While I Sleep?

The Aviya mattress does a great job at offering a cool sleep surface throughout the night.

Unlike other memory foam mattresses, the Aviya “breathes” and allows easy flow of air through the center, thus keeping you cool.

Also, you do not experience a ton of sinkage as you have more of your body exposed to the air which helps you sleep cooler.

In addition to this, the mattress uses quilting foams and poly foams in its comfort layers that help to regulate your body temperature, thereby allowing you to sleep comfortable and cool.

3. How is its Firmness?

The Aviya mattress comes in 3 different firmness options, and you can choose your firmness according to your personal preferences and requirements.

For those who desire a soft and luxurious feel, the plush firmness option will allow you to sink into your mattress so that you feel more “in” than “on” this mattress.

It ranges from 1 to 3 on a firmness scale, 10 being the firmest. It is best suited for side sleepers.

For those who desire a mattress which is neither too firm nor too soft, the luxury firm is a great option. It is the most popular choice among consumers as it is of medium level hardness.

This is also because it is great for its comfort, support, and beautiful feeling. Furthermore, for adults above 40 years of age, this option is most recommended as it not only supports the core but also helps with back ache and other sleep discomforts that may come up with age.

It offers great satisfaction and bouncy feel, and is suitable for all kinds of sleepers. It is rated at a 4 to 7 on a firmness scale.

The firm option is the mattress for those who prefer a firm bed, and people suffering from back pain. It is rated at a 8 to 10 on a firmness.

This level of firmness is ideal for stomach sleepers as it provides more of an ‘on the mattress’ feel instead of ‘in the mattress’. Additionally, it is a good option for couples with different sleeping styles.

Regardless of the firmness levels, the Aviya is a very well-balanced mattress, and the price of all these beds is same no matter what firmness option you choose.

4. What Kind of Cover Does it Have?

The mattress comes with a luxurious quilted layer along with a stretch-knit cover.

This premium quilting together with the high density comfort foam layer allows you to sleep cool and comfortable as it is extremely breathable.

The foam here does not suffer from the flaws of typical memory foam mattresses, and thereby does a good job of dissipating heat quickly.

In addition to this, the cover of the mattress is soft and built from eco-friendly materials, thereby providing you a healthy sleep environment.

Aesthetically, the Aviya mattress is attractive and white in color with grey sides.

5. Are there Multiple Layers?

The mattress is crafted by a team with several years of experience in the mattress industry, so they certainly took the time to create a well constructed bed, considering its long term durability.

The design of the mattress is well-thought of for maximum support and comfort, and it uses 5 layers to help you experience a good night’s sleep.

These include, uppermost layer of premium quilted cover combined with a 1 inch layer of high density breathable comfort foam that provides great comfort, the 1″ high density foam layer that does not let you sag in the mattress and also offers several years of stability and comfort, and the 1″ layer of support foam that improves body support as well as lumbar support for all your pressure points.

The next layer is a 3 inches thick foam edging that sheaths the entire mattress, allowing you to sleep edge to edge so that you do not get a feeling of rolling off the bed.

Beneath this is the innerspring coil system that includes individually sheathed innerspring core that uses 15-gauge steel. This makes the Aviya mattress different from most other mattresses of its kind. Being a hybrid, it offers you the ultimate balance and support for a restful night’s sleep. Furthermore, the stronger coils are placed towards the center of the mattress in order to give you support where you require it.

The base of the mattress is a 1 inch premium stability layer that helps to transfer energy and weight uniformly while providing the perfect sleeping surface from bottom up. It offers you an additional feeling of solidness and helps to bring everything together.

Furthermore, it supports the foam and the coils, and offers a flat surface for all of the energy and pressure from your body’d movement to be absorbed.

6. Is Movement on the Mattress Noticeable?

The Aviya is a high quality mattress with pocketed coils that do not transfer as much motion as a conventional innerspring mattress.

These premium quality coils are sheathed in a protective layer that offers them a more solid feel, thereby creating better edge support so that you do not get a feeling of falling off the side of the mattress.

The stability layer beneath further intensifies this feeling of solidness and helps to bring everything together. It not only supports the foam and the coils, but also offers a flat surface for all the energy and pressure from your movement to be absorbed.

In addition to this, the top layers of the mattress help to mitigate the motion even more.

The quilted cover helps in absorbing motion and keeping it confined to a particular area. This means that a person will not get disturbed or disrupted while sleeping by the regular tossing and turning of their partners.

7. Can I Return it if I Don’t Like it?

Yes, you can certainly return the mattress if you do not like it!

The mattress comes with a 100 nights risk free trial, which implies that if at any time during those days you feel that the mattress is not appropriate for you, then you can simply have it picked up by the company at absolutely no cost to you.

The company asks you to try the mattress for at least 30 days before you actually exchange or return it. This is because your body requires a reasonable amount of time to adjust to the comfort as well as feel of the Aviya mattress.

If you are still unsatisfied, you can simply call them up, and the company will make arrangements for the pickup.

8. Does it Need a Base?

No, you are not required to buy a base with your Aviya mattress, however, whether you should consider purchasing a foundation or not totally depends on your personal preferences.

If you plan to use your Aviya mattress on an existing bed frame or bed, and you already have an existing boxspring, then do not replace it if it appears to be in good condition and is less than 5 years old.

However, if you plan to use your mattress on a new bed, or a bed frame, then you can buy a new foundation from the company itself as it is specially designed to accommodate the Aviya mattress.

These foundations are of superior construction and much higher quality as compared to the foundations offered by their competitors.

In addition to this, you can use a platform bed or an adjustable base as well. However, it is recommended not to place the mattress directly on the floor.

9. How Big is it? How is it Delivered?

The Aviya is a 12″ mattress which is sealed in a protective plastic wrapping and delivered in its real size. The mattress arrives within 7 to 10 business days.

When you order the Aviya mattress, you get a few options on how you want it to be delivered. In case you want free shipping, you can simply have it delivered to your doorstep.

However, you can also get “white glove” delivery for an extra cost, where they set up your mattress in the bedroom.

In such a case, the delivery team will remove your old mattress and responsibly dispose it off. The company will charge an additional $60 for this service which you can choose when you place the order.

When the mattress ships from the factory, you will receive an email from the delivery team from which you can schedule your delivery to a particular time and date window.

Deliveries are usually made on weekdays, and the agent of the company will work with to coordinate a convenient time that works well with your schedule.

10. How Can I Clean the Aviya Mattress?

The cover of the Aviya is not removable and therefore cannot be washed. However for spot cleaning, it is recommended to use mild soap and water to remove stains and dirt.

The Aviya mattress is crafted as a one-sided bed with all of the comfort layers on top, so it is suggested not to flip the mattress, and instead rotate it after a couple of months to uniformly distribute its use.

This in turn also prevents it from sagging and improving the overall longevity of the mattress.

You can also keep your mattress clean, safe, and free from dirt by using a mattress protector. Furthermore, it must be vacuumed once in 3 months to keep it fresh and clean, and also increase its lifespan.

11. Will it Last Long?

The Aviya is a high quality mattress, and is designed to perform at a high level all throughout its warranty period.

With over 75 years of experience in the mattress industry, the company has shown responsibility by using eco-friendly materials.

It is made in the US, and thus offers high level of durability with a rating of about 85% customer satisfaction.

The warranty  of the mattress is for 10 years starting from date of delivery and if the mattress does not perform at the company’s high standards, the Aviya manufacturers will replace it at absolutely no cost.

Furthermore, the company encourages the replacement of the mattress after 8 to 10 years as the engineered usable life cycle of the mattress begins to become a factor in the support it offers.

12. Does it Smell Like Chemicals?

When you unpack the mattress initially, you may experience a slight “new mattress” smell which dissipates in a couple of days.

As the mattress is handmade in the US, and made up of CertiPUR-US certified materials, the odor is non toxic.

This implies that the mattress is crafted without any potentially noxious chemicals such as, volatile organic compounds, lead, mercury, and formaldehyde.

The company makes every effort to use environmentally friendly and locally sourced components, and thus the use of healthier materials helps to alleviate outgassing of toxins into your sleep environment.

13. What is the Warranty Coverage?

The mattress comes with a 10 year warranty, and the good thing is that the company provides replacement of the mattress instead of repair for all the 10 years starting from the date of purchase.

Th warranty protects your mattress against any mechanical defects such as, breaking of the wooden foundation, or innerspring failure as long as it has been properly used. Furthermore, it covers body impressions that are of 1″ or greater.

However, once the claim has been approved, you are responsible for all the transportation expenses to get the new mattress to your home.

14. How Much Does it Cost?

Although containing a unique blend of materials has remained competitive in pricing, the Queen size coming in under $1,000, while most of the top brands come in right around $1,000.

Aviya eliminates middlemen so that you end up getting a premium quality mattress at a very affordable price.

  • Twin mattress $699
  • Twin XL $799
  • Full $849
  • Queen $999
  • King $1299
  • California King $1299

Based on consumer ratings, the Aviya mattress is a very good buy for the price and falls on the upper end of the spectrum in terms of overall satisfaction as compared to other memory foam mattresses which come at a higher cost.

Currently the company is offering $100 off on all the sizes to the new buyers.

15. Summary

Aviya is so particular about uniqueness and comfort of their mattress that they do everything possible to provide high quality bed at an affordable price.

To give you the best in long-lasting comfort, the Aviya mattress utilizes 3 layers of high density, premium quality upholstery grade foam in the comfort layers of the mattress.

Unlike 100% foam mattresses, this premium quality mattress provides core support using an innerspring system where all individual steel coils are wrapped in their own fabric pocket.

Springs offer “active support”, and with 800 coils and an 8″ spring depth, this mattress offers deeper and more significant support as compared to conventional or lower quality linked spring systems found in other innerspring mattresses.

The mattress also has a 3″ edge encasement, allowing for great edge sleeping or edge sitting without giving you a feeling of rolling off the bed. This extra support edge also gives the Aviya mattress a more quality feel, while not letting you sink in completely like some other foam mattresses.

Rest assured knowing that the Aviya mattress is manufactured in the US with CertiPUR-US certified foams and locally sourced materials.

Consumers also credit the mattress for easing their aches and pains, and for helping them feel rejuvenated when they wake up in the morning. Many of them also reported that it is soft enough to be very comfortable, and that it can still support even bulkier people.

When it came to the delivery and price, consumers were happy to find that it was economical and ready to use as soon as it is set up.

All in all, the Aviya is an affordable innerspring mattress delivered directly to your doorstep starting at just $699.