Air Mattresses

It is an absolute joy to experience complete comfort on a mattress- that ultimate blend of support and comfort that allows you to enjoy a perfect sleep. While some of you can experience your perfect level of comfort from a conventional memory foam or innerspring mattress, others have a hard time finding a level of comfort and support that feels just right.

In addition to this, several sleepers struggle with having a distinctive comfort preference than their partner. Fortunately, air mattress is the ideal solution for those who combat with finding that ultimate level of comfort. Such mattresses use air, rather than a foam core or coil system, as a means of support. Sleepers with preferences ranging from firm to plush can find their perfect comfort simply by adjusting the amount of air in the chambers.

However, when you are looking for an air mattress, you may get confused by what you see and what you hear. This is why you should spend some time researching the best air mattress products to meet your needs. We all know that it can be a difficult task to recognize what is of great value to you without ending up with what will be a waste of your hard-earned cash. Our brief guide covers the important things to keep in mind when buying an air mattress and the popular products to consider.

Air Mattresses Buying Guide

To buy a mattress that will meet your needs and preferences, you will need a checklist. The following are some of the major points to consider when shopping for an air mattress as they will help a great deal in finding the best air mattress in the market.

Size Does Matter

While air mattresses will follow the conventional mattress sizes, you still need to consider the size that will be enough for the intended use. Although this is the case, you need to know that the variations in firmness will influence the size and can make the mattress look smaller or larger than expected.

If you have enough space, purchase power and plan to have two people sleeping on the air mattress together, you can consider a king or queen size. The size of the mattress should be considered with the use, the space available for the inflated mattress, and the space you have to store the deflated mattress and its accessories.

Fortunately, you will not need a lot of space since most of the mattresses will deflate and fold to a carry-on suitcase size that can fit in small spaces, including your closet. This leaves the inflated space and the use of the mattress as the major points to consider when buying the mattress in terms of size.

Use of The Mattress

Just like buying the traditional conventional mattresses, you will need to consider the use of the mattress.  If you want the mattress to be used by kids when camping or during those occasional sleepovers, a basic air mattress sitting low on the floor will be enough.

Older people may have a difficult time getting off the low mattresses and will need thicker mattresses that are a bit raised. There are even mattresses that will come with a bed frame but this will only make the mattress bulkier, heavier and more expensive.

If you are buying the air mattress for purposes of camping, then you will need to consider a smaller mattress that can be inflated fast. Ensure that your choice of mattress fits in most camping tents or you may have a great problem. Camping or backpacking air mattresses need to be small enough to be easily carried when deflated.

The Pumping

We are talking about air mattresses and it means that the air in the mattress is the most important thing. Under this point, you should consider how much air the mattress needs to be comfortable and how the air will get into the mattress.

The basic air pump is manual and does not need electricity to pump in the air. The drawback is that you will have to work extra hard to inflate a large size mattress. The advantage of the manual pump is that you can use it in the middle of the woods, where there is no electricity.

Electric air pumps offer a faster way to inflate your mattress and will come separate or built-in. You need to consider the speed at which the pump inflates the mattress. As a standard, good pumps will not take more than two minutes to inflate a queen-size air mattress. To make the work easier, you can consider buying a mattress with a remote-controlled air pump as this gives you the advantages of reducing or increasing the air to match your comfort needs.

External Pumps

Mattresses with an external pump will be cheaper because they will, in most cases, be sold without the pump. The main disadvantage is that losing the pump means buying another one. And these pumps are getting rare in the market.

Internal Pumps

These are the most common types of air mattresses in stores. This is because the mattress does not have the hassle of losing the pump and the inflation will be much faster and easier. These mattresses will be priced higher than the external pump air mattresses, but the investment is worth your money.

Mattress Capacity

All air mattresses come with a recommended capacity. This may refer to the amount of air the mattress can comfortably hold as well as the weight the mattress can hold when properly inflated. Consider the weight of the people you expect to sleep on the mattress and choose a mattress that can hold about one and a half of this weight. This will ensure that nothing ever goes wrong.

Consider The Features

The features that a mattress has will influence your purchase. Some of the things you may want to consider include the top of the mattress. Most mattresses are made of PVC, which can be quite uncomfortable to sleep on. For this reason, some manufacturers add a velour or suede top to provide a softer more comfortable feel. These soft tops ensure that you don’t just slide off the mattress when you are sound asleep. Some of the toppers are included in the mattress design, but you can buy a soft top separately, if you have a mattress with bare PVC.

While some of the features are important, some are added to make your experience better. A built-in LED light can be a great addition especially at night when you want to move around without switching to the main lights. Other air mattresses will have USB ports for charging and sensors that assist in the automatic control of air pressure as you sleep.


When an air mattress is used and stored for a long time, it may develop some air leaks. Although repair patches are available in stores that deal with home goods or camping equipment, there are some brands that will include the patches that are designed to seal the leaks.


When you are looking for your ideal mattress, you should think about how high you want the mattress to be. Keep in mind, that the more air there is between you and the ground, the more comfortable you will be. Thicker mattresses are comfortable but this is not always the case depending on the features it has.


Money controls most of our decisions and the price tag on an air mattress will determine whether it is a product you may like to purchase. Choose a mattress that gives you a value for your money and invest in a product that will last long and meet your needs. Though it is not a good idea to overspend, when you find a good mattress that meets your preferences and is made of good quality  durable materials, you should go for it.

Best Air Mattresses in 2017 – Comparison Table

The following is a table with the top air mattresses you may want to consider, based on their price range and individual features.

Air Mattress NamePrice


Average reviewsPumpOptions
  • $35.09
  • $39.99
  • Twin-size
  • Queen-size
  • $59.99
  • $79.97
  • Twin-size
  • Queen-size
$59 – $904.1Built-in 

  • 18″ Twin
  • 18″ Queen
  • 22″ Queen


  • Twin-size
  • Queen-size
$94 – $1194.0Built-in
  • Twin-size
  • Queen-size
$94 – $1494.5Built-in
  • Twin-size
  • Queen-size
$139 – $2094.22 Built-in pumps
  • Twin-size
  • Queen-size
  • Queen Pillow Top Bed
  • Queen Headboard
$159 – $2094.22 Built-in pumps
  • Full-size
  • Queen-size
  • King-size
  • California King-size
  • Twin-XL size