Dog Mattresses

sleeping-dogJust like humans, dogs love a comfortable sleeping surface. No wonder that pet mattresses have become popular in online and physical stores. If you have a dog, you want the best for your pet, and there is no better way to ensure that your dog is comfortable than buying a good dog mattress.

Dog mattresses are specially designed mattresses, geared towards dog beds and crates. These mattresses are smaller than normal and are particularly designed for pet use.

Our guide will give you detailed insights on how to choose a mattress for your pet. However, if you’re here for fast advice, we suggest you navigate directly to Best Dog Beds for 2016 and pick one which suits your budget.

Why Do You Need A Dog Mattress

Most dogs like sleeping on their owner’s bed, but sometimes they leave hair on the bedding, or they take too much space making the owner uncomfortable. So whether your dog is taking too much space or simply leaving too much hair, it is a good idea to have a dog mattress to give them a bed of their own where they can sleep in any position and whenever they like.

Because your dog is a part of the family and you want the best for all family members, a dog mattress is the best way to ensure that your pet is comfortable. There are different pet mattresses on the market and just like with your mattress you need to select one with the best qualities for your dog. In addition to giving your dog a comfortable place to sleep on, the dog mattress will also be your pet’s haven or castle where they will go when they want to relax.

Things To Look For When Buying A Dog Mattress

Apart from ensuring the pet beds are big enough to fit your dog and that the mattress is washable and comfortable, there are some important elements you need to consider when shopping for pet mattresses.

Dog Size

The first thing you should do before you go out shopping for a dog mattress is to determine the actual space your dog takes up when sleeping. Many dog owners think that it is an easy task, and they go ahead and estimate without actually measuring. Most dogs stretch out when they are sleeping, and this means more room.

While most dog mattresses are designed according to the size of the dog and their weight, the measurements may be inaccurate especially due to the dog’s sleeping tendencies. You can avoid all the inconveniences related to taking back the mattress by simply measuring the space your dog occupies when sleeping.

Sleeping Positions

Dogs have their own sleeping positions and not all will have similar ones. While some dogs will extend their legs, some will curl up, snuggle against cushions, sleep underneath objects, sleep on their stomachs, side or in some cases, on their backs. The sleeping position will play a major role in the type of mattress you should buy for your pet.

Types Of Dog Beds

There are different dog beds which are available in different sizes and styles. While the owner is the one responsible for making the best choice in relation to the pet bed type, some dogs are choosy. The best way to approach this is to pay attention to the surfaces the dog likes to sleep on, because this may give you an idea of the kind of pet mattresses you should be thinking about.

Standards Pet Beds

This is the basic dog mattress that simply looks like a large pillow. These mattresses come in all sizes and do not have any special features apart from the fact that they are just oversized cushions the dog can rest on. These mattresses are ideal for most dogs and different sleeping positions.

Nest Pet Beds

A nest pet bed will look like a nest with its raised edges. The walls will provide surfaces to support the dog, and they can snuggle up with them. These mattresses are the best options for dogs that want to sleep in a place where they feel secured. The mattress is oval in shape and is, therefore, a great place for dogs that like to curl up. This mattress is not ideal for dogs that like stretching up because the raised edges will be an inconvenience.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

People with achy joints can enjoy orthopedic mattresses and the same goes for older dogs with a similar issue. The orthopedic pet mattresses are designed to provide comfort to dogs with aging joints that may be painful. These mattresses are made using memory foam or other materials that provide comfortable sleeping surfaces. The mattresses are mostly cushions that are low and flat to make it easy for the dog to get on them and down from them.

Pet Couches

Many dogs are in love with their owner’s couches, and while this is comfortable for the pet, it is not always a great thing for the owner for obvious reasons. The best way to get the dogs to enjoy their sleep and not destroy the couch is to buy them their own. Some of these beds will be actual furniture pieces, while others will be cushions that look like couches. A dog couch is not the ideal choice for older dogs, because they are quite high and may be challenging for the older dogs to get on them.

Kennel Beds

If you crate trained your dog when they were puppies, they may be attached to their crates and perceive them as their homes. Kennel beds are the best types of pet mattresses for these kind of dogs because they will perfectly fit in the crate or kennel. In most cases, the mattresses are designed using materials that are waterproof just in case the puppy has not yet graduated from the crate training class.

Mattress Fillers

Dog mattresses are filled with different materials, and the sleeping behavior of your dog can help you determine the kind of filling that keeps the dog comfortable while sleeping.


Pet mattresses with down or feather fillers are some of the softest options in the market. Most of these are available in a cushion style and are plush, making them a great choice for dogs that paw on their sleeping surface before lying down.


Most pet beds have polyester fillers except the orthopedic dog mattresses. This is the most common filler used in pet beds and is firmer than the feathers and down stuffing. Mattresses with polyester fillers are some of the most inexpensive mattresses you can buy for your pet dog.


Foam is among the firmest options you will find. Most of the dog mattresses you will find in the market will have some kind of foam used in the stuffing. The orthopedic dog mattresses are made of foam because they need to be extra firm for better support, and this makes these mattresses ideal for older dogs.

Go For Washable Materials

It is important to note that not all materials that make dog mattresses are washable. Washing can ruin some mattresses, and this is why you should pay attention to the materials that are used to make the pet mattress.

While some mattresses can be thrown into the washing machine without getting damaged, some will only have a washable cover without a washable inner part. A dog mattress that is not possible to wash is not an ideal option especially for puppies, because they will stain it more often, and you will need to clean it regularly.

Decor Matching

Most dog mattresses are being placed in the main rooms in the house. These mattresses can be large enough to be considered part of the interior decor. As much as you may like to purchase a mattress that is comfortable for your pet, you may want to consider buying a mattress that matches with your interior decor.

The good news is that the pet mattresses come with different colors and patterns, and you can choose one that blends in well in the room. You just need to select the particular type of dog bed, then narrow down the selection to a mattress that has patterns to match your decor.

Dog Mattress Brands

Brindle Pets

This is a pet products company offering a number of dog mattresses. The company claims to have dependable, high-quality mattresses that are designed to be used for a long period. Their primary goal is to create the best pet accessories in quality and comfort. Some of the products they offer include orthopedic dog mattresses, bolster pet bed, feathered bed and shredded memory foam dog beds.

Furhaven Pet Mattresses

Furhaven Pet provides plush orthopedic mattresses for dogs. The company offers different types of mattresses, geared towards the comfort and support of your canine friends as they sleep or just rest. Their mattresses will conform to the shape of your dog to provide optimum support and comfort.

Canine Creations

Canine Creations is a popular pet mattress company with multiple dog mattress models. The company offers different models with raised edges that come with various materials and sizes to meet your dog’s sleeping needs. These mattresses are some of the best options for dogs that like to sleep curled up.

MidWest Homes For Pets

MidWest Homes For Pets is one of the largest pet home builders in America. The company deals with pets and pet products, and dog mattresses and bedding’s are part of what they offer. The company has many years of experience in the pet industry, and this makes them some of the best dog mattress makers with the comfort and happiness of your pet in mind.


Armarkat is a popular pet bed maker with both cat and dog mattresses. In the dog category, the company mainly deals with dog mats, and they offer them in all sizes. The mattresses are constructed with comfort and support in mind, and this makes the company one of the most famous dog bed makers in the market.

Precision Pets

Precision Pets is a pet product company that has been in business since 1985. The brand offers a number of dog beds, including round beds, daydreamers, flat beds and special dog beds. The company offers different dog mattresses available in different sizes, materials, colors and patterns.


Dogbed4less is a company with a special focus on dog mattresses and related accessories. If you are looking for a dog pillow, mattress cover or pet mattress, you will get a variety of options at Dogbed4less.  Their mattresses are manufactured using different materials, and you can choose any material that your pet dog will find comfortable.

Pet Mate

Pet Mate has been in business for more than five decades providing high-quality pet products. Part of the products they offer include dog mattresses. The company offers comfortable dog pillows, mats, pads, and mattresses. The accessories are available in different shapes, sizes and firmness levels.

Best Dog Mattresses | Comparison Table

Well, our pets are part of our family! Yes, they can’t speak, but they also need to conform, like we do. They bring us a lot of joy and make our life happy, so I think they deserve to have the best dog mattress available in the market. While there are many brand types which do offer dog beds, I’ve done my best to select top candidates to be called as Best Dog Mattress in 2017.  So here we go:

Dog Mattress brandPriceSizeAverage reviewsComfort LayerDimensions
Brentwood Gel Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog BedLargeGel Infused Memory Foam and 2″ Therapeutic Support Foam46 x 29 Inch (116.84 x 22.86 cm)
Premium Extra Large Heavy Duty Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Dog BedLargememory foam40 X 35 X 4 inches

101.6 x 88.9 x 10.16 centimeters

Armarkat Pet Bed w Waterproof LiningExtra Largeheavy duty canvas and Soft Plush49 x 35 x 8 inches

124.46 x 88.9 x 20.32 centimeters

FurHaven NAP Pet Bed Egg-Crate Orthopedic Pet Mattress Deluxe Dog Bed


JumboLuxuriously soft faux fur sleep surface35 x 44 x 4 Inches

88.9 x 111.76 x 10.16 centimeters

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

MediumMemory foam34 x 22 x 4 inches

86.36 x 55.88 x 10.16 centimeters

BRINDLE Soft Memory Foam Dog BedSmallMemory foam,32 x 22 inches

81.28 x 55.88 centimeters

Brindle Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bedmediummemory foam22 x 16 x 4 inches

55.88 x 40.64 x 10.16 centimeters

Precision Pet Products SnooZZy Dog MattressMedium28-3/4″ x 18 inches

73.025 x 45.72 centimeters

MidWest Quiet Time Pet BedSmallUltra-soft Synthetic Fur23 x 18 x 2.5 inches

58.42 x 45.72 x 6.096 centimeters

Aspen Pet Kennel MatSmallCushy polyester batting23.5 x 16.5 x 1.5 inches

59.69 x 41.91 x 3.81 centimeters