Mattress Protectors

What Are Mattress Protectors?

As the name suggests, mattress protectors (or mattress covers) are removable bedding that are placed on mattresses or encase the mattress for purposes of providing protection. These protectors can also provide protection for the person sleeping on the mattress in case they are allergic to mold, bedbugs, dead skin and dust mites.

Mattress protectors are some of the most useful accessories you may have for your mattress. Everyone requires some type of mattress protector on their bed.  And having a bed without a protector is like possessing an expensive smartphone without a phone case. So, if you do not have one, get one right away, even if it’s an economical one for $40. At least it is more sanitary and it can safeguard your investment, which may have been $1200 or more.

These mattress protectors are made of different materials depending on whether it is geared towards protecting the mattress or the user. There is a lot of confusion about the functions of mattress protectors. Many people tend to say no to mattress protectors, while others know for certain that investing in these accessories can save them a lot of money in the future. But some will still remain uncertain, so here are five definite answers to the question- Do I need a mattress protector?

1. Mattress Protectors Will Keep Your Mattress Clean and Dry

Did you know that even the tiniest stain on your mattress can void its warranty? A smudge of your makeup, a mark from a pen, or a spilled soda stain can erase its valuable warranty. And that is when a mattress protector helps to stop any fluids from getting to the mattress. This is one of the most important reasons why you need a mattress protector as over time, your mattress can get gross.

This is especially because of the perspiration and the oil from the skin. Some people wear makeup and do not remove it when they go to sleep. In addition to this, people also shed their dead skin on the bed. There are still many ways a mattress can get stained, and while it is possible to clean the sheets, you may not be able to clean the mattress effectively, especially if it does not have a removable cover.

2. Mattress Protectors Increase The Mattress’s Life Span

Any moisture on the mattress can increase the wear and tear process. This will shorten the mattress’s lifespan and affect the comfort it provides. You may not consider a little moisture on the mattress as much, but when the moisture is getting to the mattress every night for 2 to 3 years, the mattress will need a replacement faster than it will, when using a protector. In addition to the other benefits, a mattress protector can significantly increase the longevity of your mattress.

3. Mattress Protectors Can Help Protect The Mattress’s Warranty

Most mattress manufacturing companies will have a warranty for some period of time. However, this warranty will be void if the mattress is stained. If you have bought a mattress and want to keep on enjoying the warranty cover, then you will have to do your best to protect it. In this case, your best will be to avoid eating or drinking on the bed and to use a mattress protector to protect your mattress from body fluids.

4. Mattress Protectors Will Protect You From Allergies

A mattress protector will not only safeguard the mattress from moisture and fluids, but it will also keep you safe. One of the main reasons why you need a mattress protector is to protect your health. The mattress protector will significantly help in preventing allergic reactions.

People experience different allergic reactions caused by the foam inside the mattress or the quilting on it. The use of a mattress protector will ensure that the body does not touch the mattress, and this will eliminate any chances of allergic reactions. Also, you must keep in mind that not all mattress protectors are designed for this. You will, therefore, need to ensure that the mattress protector can protect you from allergens when you are buying it.

5. Mattress Protectors Will Protect You From Bed Bugs

Another reason why you will need to use a mattress protector for your health is to protect yourself from bed bugs. These annoying bugs will bite you and cause allergic reactions and swelling or itching. If you already think that the mattress has bed bugs, the best thing is to get rid of it. Using a mattress protector will keep the bedbugs off the mattress, and this will protect you from the agony they cause.

Waterproof Mattress Protectors

There are a lot of fluids that can damage a mattress. From the beverages we drink to the sweat, saliva and of course, our beloved pets who can be too lazy to go out.

For this very reason I decided to take a closer look to mattress covers with best Waterproofing ability, and we’ve created a special comparison table to answer the two common questions which you may have.

  • Why Do You Need A Waterproof Mattress Protector?
  • Will The Mattress Protector Be Comfortable?

Most people believe that when they add the protector, they will have uncomfortable nights. While this may be true for some models, most mattress protectors are constructed to serve their purpose without causing any discomfort.

Some mattress protectors will not even be detected; some may be crinkly and noisy and cause you some level of discomfort. This is the main reason why you need to choose a high-quality mattress protector that will ensure reliable protection of your mattress while keeping you comfortable in your bed.

Bug Proof Mattress Protectors

Bedbugs are quite annoying and can cause allergic reactions when they bite you. These small creatures will crawl inside your mattress and make a bloodsucking community that will make your bed a nightmare. Most people may think that bedbugs are a thing of the past, but the truth is that they always come back at an epidemic level. With increased traveling and decreased use of pesticides, bedbugs always come back. Many hotels are infested, and this puts people at risk because they will most probably carry some back home.

The secret to keeping these small annoying creatures away from your bed is through the use of a mattress protector. There are mattress protectors that are specifically designed to serve the basic purpose, which is to protect the mattress from stains, and also protect it from bedbugs infestation. The secret is to protect yourself from the bites of these bugs. You can get a zippered mattress protector which will protect the mattress from a bedbug infestation. These protectors are woven in such a way that the bugs will not find hiding places or areas to crawl into the mattress.

Though the bedbug mattress protector is designed to keep away the bugs, they can also trap the bugs inside the mattress in case it is already infested. They will starve and die but not in all cases. It is important to throw away the mattress if the infestation is beyond doubts. Also, you must keep the zippered mattress protector on for at least a year to ensure that all the bedbugs and their eggs are dead.

When you are shopping for a mattress protector, specify the type you need, especially if you are dealing with a bug case. This is because there are many different mattress protectors and some are not suitable for protection against bugs. Because of this, we have below a comparison table to assist in identifying the mattress protector particularly against bedbugs.

Things to Look in a Mattress Protector

Buying a mattress protector is your choice. But there are so many products on the market that thinking of them is enough to give you a headache. So what product should you choose? What things should you look out for while buying a mattress protector? Here is a list of things you should never miss:

  • Size- The size of mattress protectors is the first thing that you should look out for. Buying a mattress protector that is unfit to the size of your mattress will not only make fitting it difficult but it may also make the return difficult. The mattress protectors come in different sizes: king, queen, California king, large, XL, Twin XL or crib size. Carefully determine what size you need and go for it.
  • Hypoallergenic Material- As mentioned earlier, a protector saves you from mattress allergies, but the shield material should be hypoallergenic itself, as well. Carefully look into the material that the protector is made of, and buy only those protectors that come with hypoallergenic materials.
  • Thread Count- Thread count is a feature that adds a luxurious look to your mattress protector. The higher the thread count, the more luxurious your protector will look. This may cost you a bit extra, but it is worth it!
  • Comfort- Look out for additional comfort features. Many protectors provide additional features of support, comfort and extra padding.
  • Pore Size- The pore size should ideally be somewhere around 8 microns or less. So go for a mattress protector with a pore size in this range.
  • Easy Washing- Your mattress protector is going to take the hit of all the dirt and stains, so make sure it is easily washable. Also make sure to buy a protector that can be washed in a machine or can be easily wiped down.
  • Temperature- Adding mattress protectors to your mattress may make your mattress hot, especially in the summer season. So go for a mattress protector that can breathe. This in turn will keep it cold in summers, too.
  • Price – There are different mattress protectors from different brands, and this means you will always have varying prices. Go for a mattress protector that gives you a value for your money. It should serve its purpose and not cost a fortune.

Best Mattress Protectors in 2017

NamePopularity score% NOT
% WAS waterproof% Other complainsPriceQuality Score

Mattress Guard Mattress Protector

Utopia Bedding0,8814,67112,37
Sky Bedding0,514,285108,67
SafeRest Mattress Protector1,3910,65106,10
hanna Kay Mattress Protector1,910,46104,18
Luna Premium Mattress Protector1,2517,17103,93
Ultra Luxe bamboo Protector0,2213,924103,62
Sleep Defense Mattress Protector0,54,91596,69
Lucid Mattress Protector1,988,141294,24
Sure Guard Mattress Protector16,38693,76
LinenSpa Premium Mattress Protector2,866,741092,91
Sleep Tite Mattress Protector2,128,671189,59
Newpoint Terry Mattress Protector7,6914,761180,48
Sleep Tite Encase Mattress Protector1,813,621167,37
Protect-A-Bed Premium Mattress Protector5,877,831155,371

Mattress Protectors vs. Mattress Pads vs Mattress Toppers

These things may sound the same to you, but they are very different. Each has its own set of qualities and quite different from the rest. Here is a quick review of the difference between the three.


 Mattress ProtectorsMattress PadsMattress Toppers
What are they meant for?Mattress protectors form a superficial layer of your mattress. They save your mattress from mites, dust, water etc.Mattress pads are thick mattress protectors. Their function is something in between that of mattress protectors and toppers.Mattress toppers are just extensions of your mattress. They add to the thickness of your mattress and make it more comfortable.
Extra cushioningThey don’t provide extra cushioning. They are meant to protect your mattress.They provide extra cushioning, too, in addition to protecting your mattress.They are mainly meant to make your mattress more plush and comfortable to sleep on.
Material Cotton, polyester, goose down, vinylMainly cotton and latexMemory foam, goose down
Fluid Resistant Excellent resistance to fluid- provided you’ve chosen a waterproof varietyPoor resistance to fluidsPoor resistance to fluids.
Ease of washingQuite easy to washDifficult to washDifficult to wash
Blocking fungus, bacteria and other moldsExcellent in blocking these irritants and preventing allergiesPoor blocking of these irritantsPoor blocking of these irritants