1. What is the Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 Mattress?

The Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 is a revolutionary mattress that meets the specifications of premium quality with eco-friendly and organic materials that aid to support overall wellness and sleep innovation.

The mattress brings layering of fabrics into something totally novel that offers ease of set up, high level of comfort, superior quality, and high durability.

It is specially crafted for the body that requires extra care around joints, and it is an ultimate fit for sleeping partners with different requirements and preferences.

It is a luxurious gel memory foam mattress that provides ultimate comfort, great body contour, unmatched support, superior pressure relief, and a comfortable sleep at a very affordable price.

The Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 mattress offers a medium feel, which is neither too firm nor too soft.

The combination of wool backing gel memory foam, bamboo cover, and ventilated foams work well together to deliver a cool sleeping surface and promote free flow of air in and out of the mattress.

The thicker comfort layers and the overall profile of the mattress does a great job of offering support.

2. Does it Become Hot While I Sleep?

No, the mattress does not sleep hot due to the presence of gel beads that not only make the mattress breathable, but also help to regulate temperature.

The most common problem consumers have with memory foam mattresses is the effect that the deeper contour and hug has on heat retention, causing people to heat up during the night.

Although the Brentwood foam mattress also has the classic memory foam feel, but it does a great job of circulating airflow and keeping sleepers cool.

The 2 inches airlux ventilated layer of the Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 lets the air inside the mattress freely move, thereby helping you sleep deeply without any disruption.

In addition to this, the suffused gel memory foam of the mattress provides body conforming comfort and cool sleeping surface.

3. How is its Firmness?

The mattress features a medium firmness level which accommodates most sleepers. It comes in at a 5 to 6 out of 10 on a firmness scale, where 10 is the firmest.

It is soft enough for side sleepers, however, not very soft, and firm enough for stomach sleepers, however, not very firm.

Unlike conventional and heavy spring mattresses which are hard and unable to properly conform to a sleeper’s body shape, the Bamboo Gel 13 is crafted to order, and all types of sleepers can sleep well on it.

4. What Kind of Cover Does it Have?

The cover of the mattress is soft, durable, and crafted from a blend of bamboo and polyester which not only offers a cool sleeping surface to the consumers, but also delivers a soft feel to them.

In addition to this, the cover of the mattress is made up of organic and eco-friendly materials that are free from noxious chemicals and synthetic plastics, thereby providing an all natural and healthier bedding.

As you sleep on the mattress, you can experience a restful night’s sleep breathing in fresh air instead of toxic chemicals that are usually found in other conventional mattresses.

The cover of the mattress also has a wool layer that helps to naturally draw away moisture from the sleeper’s body and improve the flow of air. It works as a natural fire barrier and also resists odor.

This layer of wool is backed from New Zealand, and gives the mattress a slight cushioned feel.

Aesthetically, the cover is simple, sophisticated, and white in color with a horizontal stripping all across the uppermost layer.

5. Are there Multiple Layers?

The 13″ mattress is made up of 3 different layers of foam which are as follows:

  • Top Layer: This is a 3.5″ of comfort and cooling gel memory foam layer that adjusts to the body’s shape, and helps you alleviate pressure points as well as align your spine properly. The gel foam of the mattress not only provides comfort for daily use but also helps to avert any heat retention and keep the sleeping surface cool. At 3.5″ thick, the mattress has a very thick top layer as compared to other similar mattress. and this additional thickness improves deep compression support so that you do not feel stuck.
  • Middle Layer: This is a 2″ support and cooling layer of ventilated support foam that allows the mattress to breathe. Together with the gel memory foam layer, it helps to improve the flow of air, thereby keeping the mattress cool in hot summer. In addition to this, it works as a transitional layer and prevents the feeling of being stuck in the mattress.
  • Foundational Layer: This is a 7.5″ high density base foam layer that gives your body a full support. Furthermore. it not only provides stability and shape for the mattress, but also prevents back pain and soreness.

6. Is Movement on the Mattress Noticeable?

The mattress does a great job with motion isolation, and also alleviates pressure points on your hips, neck, shoulders, and other joints.

When you lay on the mattress, the gel memory foam softly wraps you and keeps your spine in alignment. You slightly sink in it and get a feeling as if you are sleeping on a cloud.

The mattress fares very well in this category and transfer of motion is motion is minimal.

You feel absolutely no movement if your partner moves in the middle of the night. The center of the mattress provides strong support and does not allow the light weight partner to roll towards the heavier partner.

However, you may take a few days to adjust to the mattress, and eventually enjoy a restful night’s sleep and a rejuvenated morning.

In addition to this, the sinkage in various places on the mattress and sleep positions can dramatically change the feel and overall sleep experience.

If you sleep on your back on the Aviya mattress, you will experience 1 to 1.5″ of sinkage.

In a normal lying position on your side you will experience 1.5 to 2″ of sinkage. In a sitting position, where your weight is positioned a little further on the mattress, you will experience 3 to 3.5″ of sinkage. In a more aggressive sitting position, where your weight is positioned directly on the edge of the mattress, you will experience 4 to 4.5″ of sinkage.

On the other hand in a standing position, you will experience 5.5 to 6″ of sinkage.

7. Can I Return it if I Don’t Like it?

Yes, you can certainly return the mattress as Bamboo Gel 13 offers a 120 nights risk free trial.

The company asks you to sleep on it for at least a month to allow time for adjustments. However, if you still feel your new mattress is not appropriate for you, you can simply give them a call and the company will send someone to pick it up.

This trial period is applicable to mattresses purchased directly on company’s website, and they will give you a 100% refund.

If you purchase the mattress from Amazon, you will just get a 30 nights risk trial period.

No matter from where you buy the mattress, you will be protected with a 25 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

8. Does it Need a Base?

The mattress works well on most surfaces and certainly does not require a specific base.

However, for customizable comfort, the mattress can work well with an adjustable base. It also rests perfectly well on a flat platform base, and is also an ideal fit for a classic box spring foundation.

In addition to this, you can use the mattress on a slatted base supported by bases with at least 5 inches or less between slats.

9. How Big is it? How is it Delivered?

It is a 13″ thick mattress which is thicker than most other similar mattresses. This additional thickness gives it a more “prominent feel” and weight within the room.

The mattress is sealed inside plastic, compressed, and rolled for easier shipping and set up. It is shipped free of cost to the Contiguous United States within 1 to 5 business days depending on the location.

Once you place the order, the company will send confirmation via email along with a tracking number.

When you receive the mattress, you just have to unroll it out of the box, in order to reveal the true innovation in mattress quality and sleep health.

The mattress may take up to 5 days in order to recover from being compressed in the box, however, you can sleep on it right away.

It is recommended to give it a few days before you actually make any decision.

Whether you go in for innovation in your mattress due to eco-friendliness, health, or comfort, rest assured that the Bamboo Gel 13 is certainly a quality choice with excellent relaxation and sleep benefits for years to come.

10. How Can I Clean the Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 Mattress?

The cover of the mattress is totally removable and replaceable.

In addition to this, there is a zipper on its bottom that allows you to conveniently remove it for spot cleaning. You can use a mild detergent and water in order to remove any stains on the mattress. However, it is recommended not to machine wash the mattress.

In addition to this, the company recommends to use a mattress cover over this cover so that it keeps all parts of your mattress clean which is a must for returning warranty.

The company also offers a replaceable cover on their website that ranges between $65 to $90 depending on the size and can be ordered anytime whenever you feel that your old cover needs to be replaced.

You can also rotate your mattress on a regular basis in order to avert the build-up permanent indentations in the mattress from your body weight.

However, it is recommended not to flip your mattress as the gel suffused memory foam layer may fall on the bottom of the bed frame, not supporting the body.

11. Will it Last Long?

The Bamboo Gel 13 fares very well in this category, and is rated with about 80% customer satisfaction.

The mattress is manufactured in the US, and uses only high quality materials and CertiPUR-US certified foams, thereby ensuring long lasting durability of the mattress.

Inspired by the Californian healthy lifestyle, the Brentwood Home wanted to share their love for nature by using no chemicals and materials that are free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and flame-retardants.

Thus, the Brentwood Gel 13 not only offers high durability, but also provides a bedding that does not contain the noxious elements found in the other similar mattresses on the market that can endanger health.

12. Does it Smell Like Chemicals?

You may experience a slight new mattress smell when you first remove the mattress from its packaging, however, it dissipates in a few hours.

The Bamboo Gel 13 is made in the US, conforming to the CentriPUR-US standards, thereby ensuring that the mattress meets all the industry standards strictly, using natural, and organic materials in the manufacturing of the mattress.

Off gassing majorly occurs when volatile organic compounds are released from newly manufactured mattresses, however, the Bamboo Gel 13 is made of non-toxic polyurethane foam, which implies low volatile emissions so you won’t experience the same off gassing odors that you may experience from other memory foam mattresses.

13. What is the Warranty Coverage?

The mattress is backed by a limited 25 year warranty. This implies that if you discover a defect that you did not notice until after the 120 nights risk free trial, you can contact the company directly for a Warranty Claim Form.

During the first half of this warranty period, the company will offer full coverage, which implies that for any manufacturer’s defect, Brentwood Home will pick up your old mattress and replace it with a new one. However, you will be responsible for shipping costs.

The limited warranty is valid only with regard to the original purchase of a new mattress and extends from the original purchase date of the mattress provided on the original proof of receipt of the original mattress purchased from a qualified retailer.

The customer must get in touch with the qualified retailer where the mattress was purchased to request a claim for the warranty.

The next 11 to 25 years will have a prorated warranty coverage, which implies that any manufacturing defect’s found during this period will be replaced by the company at prorated charges.

The limited warranty covers any visible indentation greater or equal to 2″ that is not due to any improper, faulty, unsupportive box spring, foundation, or base. It also covers any cosmetic damages that affect the performance of the mattress and have not occurred by normal wear and tear.

However, the warranty does not apply if the mattress is purchased from an unauthorised resellers of Brentwood Home. Also, if the the purchaser uses an inappropriate box spring, foundation, or base as determined by the company, the warranty without limitation will be void.

14. How Much Does it Cost?

The memory foam mattress is very comfortable and conforms well with the sleeper’s body, and at an affordable price that makes it a very viable option.

The Bamboo Gel 13 is certainly a great value for money offering its Queen size at just $560.

Brentwood Home is able to do this as they have their own factory and eliminate middlemen, thereby passing on a lot of savings to the consumers and leading to a very reasonable cost to the mattress.

  • Twin $339
  • Twin XL $365
  • Full $493
  • Queen $560
  • King $675
  • California King $653

15. Summary

If you are seeking a mattress that is geared toward helping you alleviate pressure points and designed to offer you great support and comfort, the Bamboo Gel 13 can just be the mattress you are looking for.

It is perfect if you are on a budget and desire a mattress that conforms to your body without hindering you from moving around or getting in and out of your bed.

Brentwood Home not only sources premium quality materials but also handcrafts their mattresses from start to finish using eco-friendly processes, thereby ensuring healthy sleep environment.

Offering 120 nights risk free trial, free shipping, easy returns, and 25 year warranty, the Bamboo Gel 13 has earned a great reputation in the mattress industry and become one of the most popular mattresses among consumers.

Sleepers who are seeking for a classic memory foam hug and do not want to sleep hot, this mattress certainly hits a nice balance.

The combination of wool backing, gel memory foam, ventilated foam, and bamboo infused cover work well together to keep the mattress cooler.

In addition to this, the 5.5″ of comfort layer gives this mattress great deep compression support which is very imperative for sleepers who desire a deeper hug but are scared of bottoming out the mattress.

All in all, considering the high quality of materials, medium firmness, and impressive cooling ability, Brentwood Gel 13 is a good option to consider.