Free Mattress Buying Advice

The words of wisdom that read: “Nothing comes free in this life but the advice”, happen to be true with the Internet. So much information available trying to influence your decision making! Gone are the days of making choices with limited information, while, on the other hand, days of filtering out the information loads and figuring out the best outcome are as hard to handle.

I’ve written tons of content about buying a mattress, reviewing brands, posting about different types of mattress, but I DO understand that it’s difficult to make a correct choice when so many factors need to be considered. So, I’ve made this pretty simple questionnaire you can fill in, and based on that, coupled with my experience and expertise, I can give you a “FREE” advice on selecting the right mattress. The curious ones are probably thinking now “free advice? This must be another sales pitch”… So for those who are interested why I’m giving out free mattress guidance and spending precious time, I’ll answer!  I enjoy helping others and, in return, if you feel that my recommendations were useful, you can simply write me a thank you letter (it always makes me feel better and needed), or you can like my Facebook page and, should you not consider it too much, also my twitter account 🙂

Please expect an answer within 72 hours as I’m not always able to respond to all requests immediately, but I promise to do my best to evaluate your case at the soonest possible.

Just to make sure you’ve got this part once and for all (and I’ve put this up in the disclaimer and about pages as well), I will outline again here – no information given here constitutes medical advice! You should NOT trust any information source available freely as an ultimate solution to your health issues, and no information can replace advice from a qualified physician in your niche.

That being said, most of us are looking to buy a mattress where we can sleep comfortably and rest after hard working hours. You need to know certain things before filling out the questionnaire to get the free advice, including your weight, sleeping habits, and preferences. I want to note specifically that your information and your email will not be sold or provided to any third party and will only be used by me to send my recommendation email.


How old are you ?
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How much is your weight (lbs)  ?
Please choose your sleeping position
Mattress type on which you sleep now
How long you're sleeping on your mattress ?
Please rate the level of your comfort while sleeping on your mattress
Please rate the firmness of your mattress
Are you having pains in the mornings ?
What mattress model are you using now ?
If you're sleeping with partner , please describe his/her sleeping preferences
and finally Your budget
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