iComfort Mattress Review

iComfort is a mattress brand offering mid-priced mattresses. All the mattresses provided by iComfort come with 6-inch (15.24 centimeters) support foam, which provides a base for the memory foam layers. Serta is behind this brand, and this makes it a popular mattress since Serta is one of the oldest and most popular mattress company in the United States. The following are details on this brand to help you to make an informed choice when you are out shopping for a new mattress.

Improved Memory Foam

A lot of people prefer the comfort provided by memory foam mattresses, and this is why most brands offer this type. For this reason, iComfort offers a range of memory foam mattresses, geared towards meeting most various needs. Generally, memory foams are known to trap heat which brings about an uncomfortable feeling especially in warm seasons. iComfort has improved the traditional memory foam through the Cool Action technology gel memory foam. This is the first mattress type to use the MicroSupport gel that provides cooling and support.

Cool Action

iComfort memory foam mattresses use the Cool Action technology, which has open cell structures combined with MicroSupport gel. This combination significantly increases the circulation of air in the mattress. This also wicks away moist heat from your body and increases your comfort. The technology has proven to be over ten times more breathable, than ordinary memory foam mattresses. This is how iComfort mattresses provide better comfort and a better sleep experience when compared to most of the other mattresses of the same class.

Support and Pressure Relief

Serta’s Cool Action technology is aimed to provide a traditional memory foam feel, but without the visible limits of the conventional memory foam. What sets aside the iComfort mattresses is the Micro support gel which is aimed to provide a cooler sleeping surface, comfortable layers, and enough support. This is a revolutionary technology that ensures that you get the best memory foam mattress from iComfort.

iComfort Mattresses

The following are some of the most popular mattresses from iComfort and some details that will put you in a better position to choose the ideal mattress.

iComfort Insight EverFeel

This mattress is available in King – $1500, queen – $1075, full – $900 and twin – $650 mattress. The mattress offers a comfort level that is between firm and soft, with the EverFeel layer providing the cradling comfort that makes this mattress popular. The mattress is breathable and cool to sleep on thanks to the Cool Action technology. The edges support ensures that you have more space to sleep on, and the company offers a 25-year warranty because they claim that their products are engineered to provide consistent support and comfort for an extended period.

iComfort Prodigy EverFeel

This mattress is available in king- $2200, queen – $1775, full – $1600 and twin – $1450 sizes. You get plush comfort provided by the combined efforts of the three memory foam layers used in making the mattress. There is a gentle feel provided by the PillowSoft foam by Serta. The EverCool memory foam ensures that heat is eliminated, and this provides a cool feeling. The cool Action technology draws heat away from the surface you sleep on, and this makes sure that you are comfortable, especially on a warm night. The Core of the mattress is made of dense foam which provides ample support for enhanced comfort. You get a 25-year warranty, which assures you that your mattresses will last long and give you a value for your money.

iComfort Genius EverFeel

Available in king – $1800, queen – $1375, full – $1200 and twin – $1050 mattress sizes. The mattress has a comfortable top courtesy of the EverFeel memory foam. The base is strong enough to ensure that your body is properly aligned for pain relief and comfort. The open cell structures provide a free air flow which eliminates the heat retention effect common with memory foam mattresses. The company claims that the mattresses have been tested extensively to ensure that they last long while providing consistent comfort and support. You get a 25-year warranty for these mattresses.

iComfort Mattress Pros

  • iComfort mattresses with soft or medium firmness provide conformity that distributes support for reduced pressure points.
  • The brand offers a range of options in models and firmness, and this gives sleepers a chance to choose a mattress model that works best for their situation.
  • iComfort mattresses have improved motion isolation, which ensures that the movements of one person do not disturb the other person.
  • Enhanced edge support which prevents you from rolling off the bed.
  • These mattresses are ideal for people between 120 and 240 pounds.
  • The mattress is silent.
  • You get a 120 day trial period to test the mattress and determine whether it offers qualities, that meet your needs.
  • iComfort mattresses are widely available, and you can find them online and at your local mattress store or a store that deals with household items.
  • The brand has A+ Better business Bureau rating, which is quite impressive.
  • Serta, the company behind the brand, has been in business for many years and has a good reputation in the mattress industry.

iComfort Mattress Cons

  • Serta does little to disclose information on their products, and this can make it difficult to choose a mattress especially when basing your selection on the components.
  • The thicker the mattress, the harder it becomes to move, maneuver, or transport it.
  • People have complained that the mattresses they received were different in firmness from what they tested in stores. This is common for foam-based mattresses.
  • In some situations, the foundation may make noise though the mattress itself is quiet.
  • In some medium firmness mattresses, the extra conformity can make movement quite difficult.
  • There are reports of mattresses being smaller than the brands stated in the specification.
  • You have to keep the mattress for at least 30 days of the trial period before returning it.