Innerspring Mattresses

innerspring mattress constructionCoil mattresses are some of the most traditional mattresses. Though they have been around since the early 1900s, these mattresses have changed in many ways in the past decade and a half. Initially, these mattresses were simple with a thickness ranging from 6 to 8 inches (12.24 – 20.32 centimeters). Today the thickness has increased, and you will find most mattresses between 11 and 15 inches (27.94 and 38.1 cm). Here is a quick guide for you on what to look for while buying these mattresses and the best mattresses in this category. So let’s get to it.

Innerspring Mattress Buying Guide

Innerspring mattresses are also commonly referred to as spring mattresses and are mainly constructed using internal coils. The mattress has three parts: the fabric cover, the comfort layer, and the support layer. To get a mattress that meets all your needs, you will need to consider a number of things and the following points will help you in this.

The Layers of  Innerspring Mattresses

The layers and the components will determine how comfortable the mattress is, and you should understand what they contain.

  • Fabric Layer–The ticking or fabric cover encases the whole mattress. The cover comes in different patterns and colors and is mostly made of polyester yarns. Some of the expensive mattresses might have fabric covers made using a mixture of polyester and cotton, silk, wool or rayon.
  • Comfort Layer–Also referred to as the upholstery layers, the comfort layer is the topmost layer made of different types of fibers and foams that provide the comfort and cushioning you feel at the top. The most common materials used in making the comfort layer include gel memory foam, latex, polyurethane foam or visco-elastic. Cheaper mattresses will have comfort layers made of polypropylene, cotton or polyester material.
  • Support Layer–This is also called the spring core and is the massive part that provides support when you are on the mattress. This layer is made of multiple springs, sometimes hundreds or even sometimes thousands. The type of mattress and the number of springs the mattress you choose has will determine the amount of money you pay for it.

The Types Of Coils

Innerspring mattresses are available in 4 types of coils, and the one you choose will determine your comfort levels, the durability of the mattress and the price tag.

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  • Open Coil Inner mattress–Also referred to as Bonnell spring, open coils are the most common and the oldest system used in mattresses. The system is made of multiple springs, which are shaped like an hourglass and made of steel then laced together to create the structure. When compared to more advanced coil systems, the open coils offer average support, motion isolation, and durability.
  • Offset Coils – These are typically more expensive that the open coil mattresses. The structure is similar to the Bonnell mattresses but each of the songs is hinged together, and this enhances the motion isolation and contouring. These coil systems are therefore found in the mid and high-level mattresses.
  • Continuous Coils–Just like the name suggests, the continuous coil system is made of spring rows with one tempered steel wire that runs from the width or length of the mattress. The mattresses have the ability to reduce body contouring and have motion isolation features, which means that they are in the low to a mid-level category.
  • Pocket Spring–These are also referred to as pocket spring mattress or encased coil mattress, these mattresses are made of hundreds or in some cases, thousands of springs acting individually and wrapped in fabric or cloth. This type of mattress has the best kind of motion isolation, better longevity, and support. These mattresses give you the top class comfort. But you’ll have to pay top dollars for these mattresses.

These are the most common types of mattresses, but some manufacturers have taken these structures and enhanced them using different technologies to achieve better comfort, durability and motion isolation.

Coil Count

This simply refers to the number of coils or springs a mattress has. In most cases, the higher the number of springs, the higher the price. You will find mattresses with between 500 and 2000 springs depending on the brand. When shopping for an innerspring mattress, keep in mind that most coil counts quoted are for queen-size, and you might want to confirm the numbers for the other sizes. You should also remember that it is not just about the number of coils. The design and the gauge also matter in determining the level of comfort the mattress has to offer.

Coil Gauge

In addition to the comfort layer, the coil gauge is another important factor that affects the firmness of the mattress. This refers to the thickness of the wire used to make the springs in the support layer. The higher the coil gauge, the thinner the springs. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the springs. For example, a mattress with 12 as the coil gauge is firm and one with 15 is soft. To cater for the different needs of consumers, the coil gauge figure ranges between 12 and 18. As a guide for people looking for firm mattresses, or mattresses to relieve back pain, 12 to 12.5 coil gauge is appropriate. If you are looking for a softer option, 14 is a great number to consider.


It is always a good idea to check the warranty on the innerspring mattress. This will ensure that you are buying a high-quality product. Keep in mind that if the manufacturer or the seller is willing to stand behind their mattress by offering a warranty, the mattress has probably demonstrated impressive durability.

Mattress Pricing

The price-tag on the mattress depends on a number of things. The brand, model, type and size of the mattress you are interested in will determine how much you pay for it.When you are out shopping for an innerspring mattress, pay attention to all the relevant factors listed in this guide and use your preferences to choose a mattress that will solve your problems. The price is important but should not limit your options. When you are planning on buying a new mattress, save enough money that will enable you to acquire a high-quality mattress that will serve you long and meet all your needs.

Top 2016 Innerspring mattresses

The following is the table with top innerspring mattresses and information that will assist you in choosing the best mattress for your situation.

Best Innerspring Mattresses Under $500

Mattress brandPricesizeAverage reviewsSpringsDimensionsMaterialMade in
$139Queen4.2390 sturdy tempered steel coils80 x 60 x 6 inches

203.2 x 152.4 x 15.24 Centimeters

Non-woven fabric, High density Foam, green felt pad, natural latexImported
$255Queen4.314 Gauge Individually Wrapped Springs80 x 38 x 10 inches

203.2 x96.52 x 25.4 centimeters

Natural wool and CertiPUR-US Certified foamsUSA
$219King4.9encased coils80 x 76 x 8 inches

203.2 x 193.04 x 20.32 centimeters

Cushion layers, woven fabric insulation pad, thick foam layerImported – China
DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Pocketed Coil

$476Full4.4750 pocketed coils74 x 54 x 12 inches

187.96 x 137.16 x 30.48 centimeters

Talley latex and cotton coverUSA

Best Innerspring Mattresses Under $1000

Mattress brandPricesizeAverage reviewsSpringsDimensionsMaterialsMade in
DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Pocketed Coil Ultra Plush Pillow Top Mattress$509Queen4.0Pocketed Coil80 x 60 x 12 inches

203.2 x152.4 x 30.48 centimeters

Cotton coverUSA
My Green Mattress – Natural Escape$979Twin xl41068 spring count individually wrapped coilsOrganic Cotton, Natural Wool, and Latex



Best Innerspring Mattresses Over $1000

Mattress brandPricesizeAverage reviewsSpringsDimensionsMaterialsMade in
Serta Perfect Day iSeries (Ceremony SPT) Merit Super Pillow Top Mattress$1274Queen4.0Advanced Duet Coil System75 x 39 x 14.5 inches

190.5 x 99.06 x 36.83 centimeters

Memory GelUSA
Iseries Super Pillowtop Approval Mattress Set by Serta, King$1,829.70King4.0Individually-wrapped, coil-in-coil76 x 80 x 15 inches

193.04 x 203.2 x 38.1 centimeters

Memory foamUSA
Hotel Collection by AireloomVitagenic Latex Luxetop Luxury Firm HL Queen Mattress$2,199Queen4.1wrapped coilsTalalay latexUSA