Famous Mattress Brands

Buying a mattress has become more difficult than it was ever before. It’s not because there is no choice; it’s actually the exact opposite. There are so many brands, choices, and options that the head starts to spin even thinking of all them.

Now add this trouble to the cost of buying a brand new mattress- all these factors add up, and most people shun the thought of buying a mattress. The market overload makes them stick to their old mattress till it wears out real bad.The struggle is real, no doubt about that. That’s where this article comes in. This article will give you a brief overview of the top mattress brands that are out there, how they rank in the market, their pros and cons.

It’s a quick read guide, and it’ll give you a good idea of the brands to look out for and what brand best suits your needs. By the time you reach the end, you will be happy you came across something this good as it’ll give you a fair idea of what the market has to offer. So, let’s get started!

Amerisleep Mattresses

ameri-logoWith about 77% customer satisfaction, Amerisleep is a popular mattress brand. Although information related to the longevity or durability of the mattresses varies, but you can expect a lifespan of about six years on average.

If you choose to buy a mattress from this brand, your wallet will have to give up between $700 and $2550 depending on the type, material and size of the mattress you buy.


  • A good number of Amerisleep mattress owners have indicated that they have experienced average to better pain relief especially back pain.
  • Reduced pressure points.
  • Couple friendly due to motion isolation.
  • The mattresses enjoy an A+ BBB rating.
  • All mattresses from this brand have a 20 year warranty, 10 year full warranty that is followed by prorated coverage. You can return the mattress within 100 days and get a full money refund. However, you have to prepare it yourself for the shipping process.


  • There are reports of the mattress trapping heat.
  • At least 10% of the mattress owners report off-gassing.
  • The average lifespan is not as impressive as you may expect for such a brand, but is better than a good number of brands in the market.

Casper Mattress

casper-mattress-logoCasper mattresses have about 84% owner satisfaction and this is quite impressive when compared to other mattress brands. Casper Mattress is a USA brand and has done quite well especially considering that it is a new brand in the market

. To enjoy the comfort of this mattress, you will have to pay anything between $500 and $950 depending on the size you are interested in.

The Pros

  • Convenient return policy without a fee.
  • The mattress has pressure and pain relief potential.
  • The specifications of the mattress are clearly disclosed.
  • The mattress has an inexpensive price tag as compared to mattresses of the same class.
  • Just like the other foam mattresses, Casper mattresses are silent and light in weight.
  • People between 130 and 220 pounds will find the mattress suitable.

The Cons

  • A number of owners have reported discomfort caused by the firmness.
  • The support near far edges is poor especially for a larger person.
  • General support may seem to be inadequate for a larger person.
  • The mattress has been reported to be too firm for people below 120 pounds.

DreamFoam Mattress

DreamFoamlogoDreamFoam/Ultimate Dreams is an American brand under R&S Mattress, which was started in Phoenix, Arizona in 1992. The mattresses are available in crazy quilt, Gel memory foam and latex.

On an average, the mattresses from DreamFoam have scored an impressive 82% of owner satisfaction. Among the many benefits of this brand, you may be interested in the affordable price tags on their different mattresses. You will only need to spend between $100 and $850 for a DreamFoam mattress depending on the size and model. In addition to this, you can expect a lifespan of about 6 years with most of the DreamFoam mattresses.

The Pros

  • There are very few cases of off gassing.
  • Comfort in position changes due to motion isolation.
  • The mattresses are known to reduce pressure point and offer pain relief potential .
  • Value potential.

The Cons

  • The mattresses are not adequate for long term use for people weighing 230 pounds and above.
  • A number of mattress owners have reported poor support on the edges.
  • The memory foam model is only available in soft firmness.
  • The mattresses are only available online and can be quite expensive to return.

Dynasty Mattress

dynlogoThe market is full of different brands when it comes to mattresses, and Dynasty Mattresses is one of the companies with popular mattresses. The Memory foam mattresses are made using Visco-Elastic, which is becoming quite popular in the industry.

Buying a mattress from Dynasty Mattress will cost you anything between $250 and a little higher than $1000 depending on the size, the model you choose and where you buy it.

The Pros

  • Highly beneficial to people dealing with back pain, orthopedic and musculus-skeletal problems.
  • Mattresses do not aggravate pressure points and thus provide a smooth night sleep even with position changes.
  • You get 20 years limited warranties with each mattress you buy.
  • The infusion of gel beads into foam layers eliminates any chances of heat trapping.
  • Zippered covers are available with every dynasty Mattress product making it easy to remove and wash them.
  • Most reviews of dynasty Mattresses are positive.

The Cons

  • The common chemical smell that comes with memory foam mattresses is one of the drawbacks, but it can go away if you unpack the mattress and not use it immediately.
  • Some mattress owners have complained about the hardness of the mattress.
  • The mattresses have a shorter life span as compared to other brands in the same class.

King Koil Mattress

King Koil is an American mattress and bedding company based in Willowbrook, Illinois but with 40 factories in different countries. The company was started in 1898 and mostly focuses on low to mid-range priced innerspring mattresses.

The overall owners’ satisfaction is about 70%, and this is based on all their mattresses. Depending on where you buy the mattress from, the size, and the model, you will pay anything between $300 and $2800, and this does not include the foundation.

The Pros

  • The King Koil mattresses have been given an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • No significant issue related to the initial odor of the mattresses.
  • Only a small percentage of owners have complained about any form of heat trapping.
  • Depending on the model selected, the warranty will range between 10 and 25 years.
  • Great customer services as indicated by a large percentage of mattress owners.
  • Motion isolation makes sure the movements are absorbed to avoid disturbing the other sleeper as one changes positions.

The Cons

  • The innerspring nature of the mattress compromises on its lifespan, which is below average when compared to other types of mattresses.
  • Not all information regarding the mattresses is available, which is a great disadvantage because it affects how people make decisions.
  • ­Squeaks and creaks may be an issue for mattresses that use coils that are not individually encased.

Lucid Mattress

Lucid mattress logoLucid is a mattress company mainly providing mattresses in two different materials: the popular memory foam and latex. There are a lot of positive reviews on Lucid mattresses, and this explains why it is popular with people looking for comfort without spending a fortune.

Lucid mattresses will cost you anything between $100 and $850 depending on the size, types, model, and where you buy it. These mattresses are available online, and you will not find them in your local stores.

The Pros

Memory foam

  • Uniform compression and increased breath-ability.
  • Mattress sinks below the weight-bearing curves, and this alleviates pressure on different parts of the body.
  • Keeps the spine in a neutral position.

Latex Mattress

  • Instant compression and recovery with motion.
  • Breathable comfort through strategic ventilation that improves sleeping temperatures and optimizes airflow.
  • A natural springy nature that offers a comfy push back.

The Cons

  • Smell may be an issue for some people especially if the mattress is used immediately after unpacking.
  • The hugging effect can contribute to a warmer feel which means that the mattresses will not be the coolest you can come across in the market.

Sleep EZ Mattress

sleepez logoSleep EZ is a mattress manufacturing company founded in 1976 and located in Phoenix Arizona. The good news about this company is that it uses natural latex in making their latex mattresses. Other products include innerspring and memory foam mattresses.

The company has eliminated middlemen to reduce the financial burden on the customers by directly selling their products from the factory. Sleep EZ mattress products start at $300 and go all the way to about $1300, and this depends on the material, type and size of the mattress.

The Pros

  • Sleep EZ offers a range of products such as sofa bed mattresses, latex mattresses, organic mattresses, innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses.
  • Lower prices because the company only sells the mattresses online directly from the factory, the prices are lower than most of the other brands that use middlemen.
  • In addition to a 20-year warranty, Sleep EZ offers a 90-day money back guarantee and an exchange policy.

The Cons

  • The prorated cost may be an inconvenience.
  • The mattresses are only available online.
  • The shipping is not completely free because you will need to pay a certain fee to get your mattress delivered.
  • Mattress returns are not free. You will have to pay a return fee, but the company will take care of all the shipping costs.

Bed In A Box

bed-in-a-box-logoThe Bed In A Box is an America based company. It has been selling low to mid-range price mattresses since 2004. The company offers foam based, and latex mattresses, and being a new company it has done well in creating a popular brand.

86% of Bed In A Box mattress owners are satisfied, and this is quite impressive when compared to other brands in the market. These mattresses are some of the most expensive and while you can get a mattress for $500, the prices can go as high as $3000.

The Pros

  • Statistics from different owners suggest that the mattresses have a lifespan over 6 years, which is better than most mattresses.
  • The mattresses absorb motion and prevent disturbances when one person moves or changes sleeping positions.
  • The mattresses are quiet though the foundation may creak.
  • Ideal for people between 110 and 240 pounds.

The Cons

  • 15% of owners report off-gassing and odor especially when the mattresses are new.
  • The mattresses do not offer adequate support for larger people.
  • Weight is an issue since they are heavy and it may get difficult to move them around.


iComfort is a mattress brand mostly offering mid-range price mattresses. All mattresses from iComfort have a six inches foam base, which is beneath a gel-infused regular foam and memory foam. This brand is made by Serta, which is the largest mattress maker in US having opened its business doors in 1933.

The overall customer satisfaction in relation to iComfort mattresses is 76%. For a mattress from this brand, you will have to part ways with anything between $650 and $3200 depending on type and size of the mattress. You will also need to pay between $30 and $50 for a foundation.

The Pros

  • iComfort gives you a number of options and you can get anything from soft to extra firm.
  • The motion isolation ensures that the other person is not disturbed when you change your position.
  • Best suited for people who weigh 120 to 240 pounds.
  • Serta, the company behind iComfort has an A+ BBB rating.
  • iComfort mattresses are widely available.

The Cons

  • Some mattresses are thicker and quite heavy to move around.
  • Serta does not clearly provide all the mattress specifications.
  • Some owners say they experienced a different firmness level than what they tried in the store.
  • These are not the most affordable mattresses in the market.

Ikea Mattresses

Ikea is a mattress company from North America offering mattresses of 3.8 inches to 13.5 inches in thickness. The brand offers spring, foam and latex mattresses. Some of the models are roll packed for purposes of shipping convenience.

All the mattresses from Ikea have a general owner satisfaction of 75%. Ikea mattresses are quite affordable and between $80 to $1200 you will find something depending on the size and type of mattress you are looking for. This makes them some of the most affordable mattresses in the market.

The Pros

  • The mattresses have inexpensive price tags and still have high quality materials.
  • All models are quite friendly on back sleep comfort.
  • The latex and foam mattresses are quiet and are also lighter in weight, thus they are easy to carry around.
  • You get a 20 – 25 year limited warranty.
  • All important information is clearly provided by the manufacturer.

The Cons

  • Most of the mattresses are firm, which may not be what some people want.
  • The spring mattresses may be noisy and can be too heavy to comfortably move around.
  • The lifespan of the mattress is quite poor as compared to other brands in the market.


kingsdownlogoKingsdown is a mattress brand in America, headquartered in Mebane, North Carolina, and has over a century of experience. The company focuses on innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses.

Though the company has been in business for a long period, the owner satisfaction based on the different mattresses is about 65%. Depending on the type, size and model of the mattress you are interested in, you will pay something between $500 and $2800.

The Pros

  • The brand has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • The company discloses most of the important information that consumers may be interested in to make a purchase decision.
  • The mattresses have effective motion isolation that prevents disturbances when one person moves or changes their sleeping position.
  • Apart from the spring mattress which may make some noise under some conditions, the other mattresses are quiet.

The Cons

  • The lifespan of the innerspring mattresses is about three years , which is below average as compared to the other types of mattresses.
  • The 10 -20-year warranty seems to be an issue with a number of customers- something that should not be the case with a company the size of Kingsdown.

Leesa Mattresses

leesa-logoLeesa mattress is a brand that offers one model which is described by people who have used it as being between medium and medium firm with a firm support and a soft comfort layer. The mattress comes with a 4-inch low-density foam or memory foam comfort layer, 6 inches foam base, all totalling up to 10 inches of thickness.

The 84% owner satisfaction is quite impressive, and the price only makes things better. With between $450 and $990, you can get a Leesa mattress depending on the size.

The Pros

  • The mattress is quite inexpensive as compared to other brands in the same class.
  • The mattress contours to the body enhancing the comfort.
  • Great mattress for people between 130 and 220 pounds.
  • Just like the other foam-based mattresses, Leesa mattresses are quiet.
  • The mattress performs above average in matters related to motion isolation ensuring that there is no disturbance when one person moves.
  • Easy maintenance.

The Cons

  • Like most foam mattresses the edges cannot provide enough support for sitting or sleeping for a larger person.
  • The options are really limited especially because there is only one model available, and the company is not as established as other brands.
  • The mattress may have inadequate density for larger people.
  • The mattress may be too firm for side sleepers.

Sealy Posturepedic

Sealy LogoSealy is one of the most popular mattress brands in the US. The company is behind the Posturepedic and Sealy innerspring mattresses and has been in business since 1906 and has its headquarters in Trinity, NC. The mattresses under this brand use offset coil, open coil, and pocket coil designs with a total thickness ranging between 8.5 inches and 15 inches.

The comfort layers also include regular or memory foam. The company has different products ranging from the Sealy Brand, Posture-pedic Plus, Posture-pedic Hybrid and Posture-pedic. The price range for the Sealy posturepedic mattresses is between $400 and $2200.

The Pros

  • The mattresses enjoy an above average owner satisfaction.
  • With Sealy mattresses, you get many options in terms of comfort, firmness and prices.
  • The problems related to odor are almost non-existent.
  • You will not have to deal with temperature problems because the mattress does not trap heat.

The Cons

  • Just like it is the case with most innerspring mattresses, durability is below average, and you can expect a lifespan of about three years before the mattress starts to sag and become uncomfortable.
  • Not enough materials to provide comfort for a larger person.


serta-logoSerta Inc. is an American mattress company that makes low and mid-range price mattresses. The company has been in business since 1933 and has its headquarters in Hoffman Estates. The company is one of the largest mattresses makers in the US and concentrates in making foam-based and spring-based mattresses.

For a company this size, the owner satisfaction at 75% is not all that impressive and for a mattress from Serta Inc., you will need to spend anything between $370 and $3200 depending on the model, size, and type.

The Pros

  • With Serta mattresses, you will have a wide range of products to choose from. You get options in comfort levels, firmness, and price range.
  • The mattresses are easily found online and in brick and mortar stores.
  • The mattresses are comfortable and can help in relieving pain to some extent.

The Cons

  • When compared to other mattresses in the market, these products are quite expensive.
  • Longevity is really an issue with these mattresses, and the mattresses don’t last too long.
  • Customers have reported that the motion and noise isolation features of these mattresses are not as good as the other mattresses.

Signature Sleep

Signature_Sleep_Logo_220The signature sleep mattresses are made by Dorel in China. The mattresses come in either foam or spring/coil models in a compressed vacuum seal and expand once unsealed. The mattresses are best for temporal adult use or permanent children use.

You get an option between medium and medium firm. For temporary use, the mattresses get 86% owner satisfaction and 72% for continual use. These mattresses are inexpensive and cost anything between $100 and $400, depending on the size and type.

The Pros

  • This is one of the most affordable mattress brands in the market.
  • Ideal for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.
  • The company does a great job in disclosing information related to mattress components.
  • Great value for money especially for short term or temporary use.

The Cons

  • Not ideal for permanent or long term use by adults because of the short lifespan – not more than five years at best.
  • The mattresses may be too firm for side sleepers.
  • The one year warranty is too poor especially in an industry that has warranties going up to 25 years.

Simmons Beautyrest

beautyrest-logoSimmons Beautyrest is a mattress brand made by Simmons Bedding which was founded back in 1870, the current ownership being from 2012. The brand offers mattresses that range from low to high level in pricing.

These mattresses are either foam based or spring-based. The company has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. On an overall basis, the mattresses from Simmons Beautyrest get a 63% owner satisfaction. You can expect to spend anything between $400 and over $2500 for a mattress from this brand. Your spending will depend on what you are looking for.

The Pros

  • Mattresses from this company are widely available in brick and mortar stores and online stores.
  • With these mattresses, you get a wide variety of options in comfort, firmness and price.
  • There are limited reports as far as off gassing and heat retention is concerned.
  • The weight and size of the sleeper does not influence the sagging of the mattress.

The Cons

  • These mattresses have questionable longevity –especially the spring-based ones.
  • The brand has a high number of BBB complaints as compared to other brands.

Sleep Innovations

sleep-innovationSleep Innovations Inc. is a mattress company that opened edits business doors in 1996 and is behind the Nova form and Sleep Innovations brands. The models under this brand make use of low-density memory foam ranging from 1.5 to 3 inches, a base and sometimes support foam.

These mattresses are delivered compressed and vacuum sealed for purposes of convenience during transportation. Owners’ satisfaction stands at 81%, which is quite impressive. The price tags are also quite impressive because with anything between $240 and $900 you will get a mattress, depending on the size and type you want.

The Pros

  • Ideal for back sleepers.
  • The mattresses have motion isolation to ensure that the motion of one person does not disturb the other person. This means you can get up without disturbing the other person while they are sleeping.
  • A great mattress for people between 120 and 220 pounds.
  • The company gets an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Pressure and pain relief rating is above average.
  • 20-year warranty for most of the models.

The Cons

  • The mattresses are too firm for side sleepers.
  • There is a possibility of initial odor especially after packing.
  • The lifespan is not over 6 years and some may become uncomfortable after 3 years.

Sleep Number

sleep-number-logoSleep Number, or Select comfort, is a company behind air-supported beds. This company opened its business doors in 1987 and has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The company has managed to dominate the permanent use airbed market with its products. Though different models will vary, the overall owner satisfaction for Sleep Number products is 78%. For a mattress from this brand, you will have to spend between $800 and $4600 depending on the specifications of the product you are interested in.

The Pros

  • These mattresses are flexible and you can easily adjust the firmness to your comfort, and each side has its own settings.
  • Most owners report back pain relief and better sleep when using these mattresses.
  • These mattresses will last 30% longer that the average types of mattresses with some lasting for more than 10 years.

The Cons

  • Some people may encounter initial difficulties in use of the mattresses.
  • You may have to deal with excessive firmness, air loss or gain, malfunction of electric air pump, uncomfortable middle section, and noise due to use of pump.
  • The Sleep Number mattresses are not the cheapest mattresses you will get in the market.

Stearns & Foster

Stear and Foster MattressesStearns & Foster is mattress Company mostly dealing with mid to luxury-level products. The mattresses use individually pocketed coils for the support and may have gel memory foam, gel foam, wool, cotton, cashmere, silk or latex on the cover or comfort layer.

Products from this company have a 59% owner satisfaction, which is quite low as compared to other mattress brands in the same category. A mattress from Stream & Foster will cost you anything between $1100 and $3200.

The Pros

  • Stream & Foster is made by Sealy which is given an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau.
  • The specifications and materials used in making the mattresses are clearly provided by the manufacturer.
  • The mattresses are available in different models and you can choose from firm, medium and soft mattresses.
  • The mattresses are conforming and will take the shape of the body for improved comfort.
  • Motion isolation ensures that you do not disturb the other person as you move or wake up.

The Cons

  • The mattresses have a rather low owner satisfaction percentage as compared to other mattress brands.
  • The durability of the mattresses is not as impressive as you may expect – sagging may be experienced after three years of use.
  • Mattresses are heavy and may be difficult to move around.


tempur-pedic-logoTempur-Pedic or Tempur Sealy is a company behind mid to luxury level foam-based beds. This company has been in business from 1992 and has shaped the foam bed market with its products. The company has headquarters in Lexington, KY and offers four different models namely Contour collection, cloud collection, Flex collection and Choice collection.

The products from this company perform quite well with an overall 81% owner satisfaction. With the company’s main focus being mid to luxury level mattresses, you can expect to pay anything between $1200 and $8500 depending on what you are looking for.

The Pros

  • The mattresses from Temper-Pedic are basically the standards used in judging other memory foam mattresses in the market.
  • The mattresses have a long lifespan that is above average with some owners reporting to have used the mattresses for over 9 years.
  • The mattresses have a high pain relief potential.
  • Available in different density options which ensures that you choose a comfortable bed.
  • The mattresses are great for back, stomach and side sleepers.

The Cons

  • These mattresses are some of the most expensive in the market especially when compared to mattresses with the same specs and customer satisfaction.
  • They may be difficult to move on and may be hot to sleep on.

Tuft & Needle

tuft-and-needle-logoTuft & Needle mattresses are made in North America and are made of 3 inches of proprietary foam and support foam. The cover on the mattress is made of polyester blends or rayon. The mattress is compressed and vacuum sealed for easy transportation.

These mattresses have an impressive 86% owner satisfaction. The other good news is that the mattresses are some of the cheapest in the market and with between $350 and $750, you can get a mattress of your choice.

The Pros

  • A great value for money.
  • The mattresses have conforming ability which increases the comfort level.
  • These mattresses are easy to move on as compared to other brands.
  • Ideal for people between 120 and 220 pounds.
  • Great for back sleepers in search for support and firmness.
  • You get a 100 day no fee return policy.
  • The company has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

The Cons

  • There is only one model available and this limits your choice.
  • Edge support on the mattress is poor.
  • Tuft & Needle is not as well established as the other brands in the market.


zinusZinus Inc.or Sleep Revolution is a company that sells spring and foam-based mattresses made in China. The mattresses will be delivered compressed and vacuum sealed for convenient transportation.

The foam models have an 80% owner satisfaction when used by adults regularly and the spring models have 71% satisfaction. For child use, the mattresses have an overall owner satisfaction of 91%, which is quite impressive. Zinus mattresses have to be among the cheapest mattresses in the market because you can get a mattress with between $100 and $600.

The Pros

  • The mattresses have a great value for money.
  • Motion isolation eliminates any disturbance caused by movement by one person.
  • Zinus mattresses are easy to maintain.
  • The company has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

The Cons

  • There are limited firmness options and the available firmness may be too much for a side sleeper.
  • The longevity is below average for the spring models.
  • The support is fair at best for larger people and couples.

There you’ve it! This is the most detailed comparison between the top mattress brands you will find anywhere else on the web. Do go through this article once before making a decision. It will really help. Happy buying!