Mattresses For Heavy People

Finding a perfect mattress is always a daunting task. It’s even harder if you are an obese or heavier person. This is because heavier individuals have different requirements when it comes to their bed. A bed that is an ideal fit for lighter individuals may not necessarily work well for individuals who are heavier.

And with the wrong mattress, you may have to compromise your sleep and adversely impact your health. Also, trouble sleeping has been associated to several negative health effects including, increased weight gain. So if you have a heavy physique and find your present mattress uncomfortable, you must purchase a new one, or it can lead to further health problems.

Mattresses are available readily in the market and online. But it’s futile to shell out money on a brand new mattress if you are not familiar with the properties of a mattress ideal for overweight people. Online shopping can make this process even worse for obese people as you cannot test the product before purchasing.

That is why it is indispensable to find in-depth and reliable information as well as reviews so that you understand what exactly you require. So here is what to look for in a mattress considering the heavy weight:

Thickness of Mattress

Mattress thickness is one of the most important deciding factors that many people overlook. For people weighing less than 200 pounds, a 10” (25 cm) mattress is a good pick. However, if you are larger than 200 pounds, it’s recommended to consider a mattress with a thickness of at least 12’’ (30 cm).

Deep compression support is the main advantage of these kinds of mattresses. If you’re bulky, you may naturally exert a lot more pressure on your mattress than others. So, mattresses that are not thick enough, fail to provide that required amount of support.

Loom and leaf mattress is the best example of 12″ (30 cm) thick mattress as it puts together 6.5″ (16.5 cm) of comfort foam on top of a basic support foam base of 5.5″ (14 cm). Its signature thick layers, gel foam and other features make it an ideal mattress for heavy people.

10″ thick mattresses that have advanced foams, an additional thick comfort layer or other features that boost deep compression support, can allow comfort for heavier individuals as well.


The level of firmness of your selected mattress must be based on the kind of sleeper you happen to be. Usually, heavier people tend to feel comfortable within medium to firm range. These medium range firm mattresses will maintain their shape better and give long lasting support to heavy sleepers.

Medium-firm mattresses offer long lasting support because the increased densities of their foam and other materials provide the required pushback. This maintains support for heavier people due to the foam layers of the mattress and keeps the sleeper from sinking into the less comfortable base materials. Please see the table below!

To sum up, I’ve created a special chart to select the correct mattress thickness and firmness (measured by IDL) according to your weight. Of course, this is not an absolute guide, it’s based on available reports online, and also it’s up to personal preference – one can be heavy and still feel comfortable on a plush mattress.

Օn the other hand, this chart will work in most cases and at least it will narrow the range of mattress types you’re seeking online or at your local mattress store.  If you need more details on this you can have a look here, it’s a chart for firmness of different foams.

Recommended min. thickness10″-11″11″-12″12″-14″14″+
Firmness IDL for latex foam21-2921-2925-3333-38
Firmness IDL memory foam24-3628-3628-3628-44
Foam Density 4 – 5 lb 4 – 5 lb5 lb-6 lb6 lb+

Edge Support

typical edge support of innerspring mattress

typical edge support of innerspring mattress

A mattress with stable and strong edges may help to avoid any sagging or caving in, when you sleep near edges. Edge-support of the mattress is always an important factor, but for heavy persons, this may be crucial.

When you wake up, you are all used to sitting for a second or two, and if the mattress has poor edge support, one day it will collapse all of a sudden, during the best part of your sweat dream. And you may find yourself in a free flight to your floor.

Usually mattresses made with springs, coil-on-coil construction, or hybrid designs (utilizing springs + foam) provide the best edge support, and on the other hand, worst edge support include memory foam mattresses.

Sleeping Hot

A complaint frequently heard from heavy people is the problem of “sleeping hot”. This problem is caused by mattresses that do not allow smooth breathing or ventilation. You may wake up multiple times during the night, toss and turn and finally throw off the covers. If you face this problem, do not waste money purchasing a new basic foam mattress.

Innerspring and Latex mattresses are good picks, as they absorb heats and innately help to keep the mattress cool. If your choice is memory foam mattresses, then make sure it’s made of advanced open cell memory foam which will allow easy ventilation or mattresses that have gel or other cooling layers.

Mattress Types

You may find yourself in quite a fix at the mattress store, because there are a fair few options to choose from. So to help you out, here is a brief description of commonly used mattresses with pros and cons of each.

Memory Foam

For overweight shoppers, memory foam mattresses are a good choice. Foam mattresses are very supportive and relieve pressure points by providing consistent support no matter what position you sleep in. With memory foam the sleeping hot problem is quite frequent.

Look up brands that specifically mention how they solve the “sleeping hot” problem to ensure comfort for you. Search your local store or online for memory foam mattresses with gel and other cooling layers having a cover that has a cooling material. Also, take a closer look at the edge support if you decide to go with memory foam mattress.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is also a good option for obese or overweight individuals. Latex provides immense comfort and good cooling. Also, it offers better bounce than poly-foam or memory foam mattresses. furthermore, Latex mattresses tend to be more durable. This is important since mattress for heavy individuals will be under constant pressure by the body mass and the more the latter, the more pressure will be exerted on the mattress.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses with a built-in coil-on-coil structure offer excellent support and do not sink in or sag easily. Besides, innerspring mattresses provide better edge support than foam mattress. If you are in the habit of sleeping very close to the edge, an innerspring mattress is an ideal choice for you. Also, these mattresses absorb heat quickly.

However, you may encounter some problems associated with these type of mattresses, as well. The foremost issue is that innerspring mattresses are not as durable, as the options mentioned above. Another issue to mention is that innerspring mattresses may make noises under the weight of a heavy person. And finally – this mattress type tends to have poorer motion isolation ( especially when we’re talking about heavy people).

Water Mattress and Futon Mattress

I’ll not recommend this mattresses for heavy people. After reading lot of reviews it became clear, that heavy individuals must refrain from this option when purchasing a mattress.

Best Memory Foam Mattresses for Heavy People

Loom & Leaf

Firmness: 6 out 10
The first layer is two inches of conforming gel foam. The second layer is made up of 2.5″ (6.4 cm) visco-elastic memory foam. The third layer is a 2.5″ (6.4 cm) transition loft pad. The fourth and last layer is a 5.5 inch (14 cm) support base.The cover is made of organic cotton quilted together with a 5″ (12.7 cm) layer of foam, with gold trim along the edges.

LUCID 14″ Plush MF

Firmness: 5-7 out of 10
3″ (7.6 cm) memory foam comfort layer, another 2-inch (5 cm) memory foam support layer and an 8-inch (20.3 cm) high density foam base.One-inch bamboo charcoal memory foam top
Sleep Innovations Shiloh

Firmness: 4-6 out of 10
Top layer of polyurethane SureTemp memory foam over a base layer of memory foam.Circular knit-poly cotton mattress cover

Firmness: 5-6 out of 10
Mattress built with foam wrapped coilsSleek euro style pillow top


Price range is an important consideration for any shopper. It’s always great to get a good bargain or deal, but do not compromise on the quality, otherwise you will soon be making a return trip to the store.

Here’s some help for you to choose a mattress that fits in your price range:

Best Mattresses for Heavy People Under $500

Mattress BrandPriceTop of Mattress – QuiltAverage reviewsFirmnessComfort Scale
Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel Plus

Firmness: 5 out of 10
$400-$500A removable stretch knit cover4.5Medium6

LUCID 14″ Plush MF

Firmness: 4-6 out of 10
$450One-inch bamboo charcoal memory foam top4.5Pillow Top6-7
Sleep Innovations Shiloh

Firmness: 5-7 out of 10
$400-$500Cotton cover


4.4Medium firm to medium soft6-7

Best Mattresses for Heavy People Under $1000

Mattress brandPriceTop of Mattress – QuiltAverage reviewsFirmnessComfort Scale

Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress

$500 -$700Cotton quilt over 3 foam layers4.7Medium firm6
Leesa California Mattress$890Cover is constructed from a poly-lycra blend fabric4.86 out of 106-7
Loom & Leaf$999 

The cover is a quilted organic cotton, quilted together with a 5/8″ layer of foam with gold trim along the edges

4.76 out of 106

 Mattresses Over $1000

Mattress brandPriceTop of Mattress – QuiltAverage reviewsFirmnessComfort Scale
Nest Alexander


$1399Quilt made from cotton and polyester, highly breathable4.6Medium firm6-7
WinkBed$1099Blend of cotton and high tensile strength polyester4.86 out of 106-7
Amerisleep Colonial$2049Cover composed of celliant, polyester and spandex


4.66.5 out of 106

Now that you have got all the necessary information, you will find it easier to pick out the best mattress for a heavy person. In general, the bulkier you are, the firmer the bed you will require. This is to make sure that the mattress offers enough support and comfort for you that it doesn’t sag. In addition to this, a firmer bed will tend to hold its support for a much longer period of time- one of the most important factor’s to consider for a heavier individual.

And also not to forget that it is not only the firmness of the mattress, but also its density that counts. A denser mattress is considered to be best for a heavier individual. This is because it provides more support every square centimetre as compared to a less dense mattress. You can also shop online as there are many discounts and deals on the internet on good quality mattresses.