Mattresses For Children

At the end of every day resting becomes an important part of our lives. And you cannot talk about resting without a mention of mattresses somewhere in your conversation. As an adult, you will have an easy time selecting the perfect mattress. It is as easy as touching the mattress in the store or actually jumping on one to feel the comfort, but make sure the store allows that or you will be spending time in a very uncomfortable place paying for something you do not want.

The problem kicks in when you have to buy a mattress for your child. As much as they want to have a comfortable bed that will encourage sweet dreams and proper resting, they are not aware of the intricate details involved in mattresses. This is why, as a parent or guardian, you need to understand all the important facts about kid’s mattresses to make a choice that makes sense in terms of functionality and finances.

Your kids are growing all the time and while their bodies and bones are growing, it is enormously imperative that they sleep on a bed that provides the correct degree of comfort and support to their spines. Also as adults, you all know that sleeping on a well-used or cheap mattress is uncomfortable- and causes a disturbed night’s sleep that leaves you feeling achy and woozy in the morning.

Likewise, this is applicable to your children, with the added risk of discomfort and stiffness as their bodies are continuously changing. So, you need to ensure that you select a good mattress that supports their growing bones during childhood.

Also when you purchase a mattress for your children, it is worth spending a bit extra and purchasing a mattress protector. These can be free form or fitted and will ensure that the mattress lasts longer with its good waterproof qualities. Modern mattress protectors are 100% waterproof and constructed from luxurious brushed cotton- practical, comfortable, noiseless and breathable. Gone are the days when the protectors were crinkly wrinkly sheets of plastic. Furthermore, a good quality mattress protector offers the advantage of acting as an anti-allergy roadblock, safeguarding your child from dust mites, a major cause of hay fever and asthma.

Prior to jumping out with your wallet and ready to purchase any mattress carrying the label “For Kids”, it is very important that you prepare yourself adequately, and the following information will help you a great deal in this. Just make sure that whichever brand and type of mattress you choose, you must keep your child’s comfort in mind, so that you do not need to read their favorite story a dozen times before they are comfortable enough to sleep.

Tips To Consider When Buying The Best Mattresses For Kids

The only way you are taking home the right mattress is if you already know the kind of mattress you want on your kid’s bed. The market is flooded with different brands; some – expensive, some – cheap, some – great quality and some – mediocre. So you must make sure that you are buying a mattress that is worth the amount you spend.

The Size Of The Mattress

Before you dive into all the other details that are also important, you should decide on the size of mattress you need. There are different ways to look at this. You can get a mattress that fits in their small bed, but this will mostly keep you in a marathon to the story because kids are constantly overgrowing the small bed.

A good way to look at it is a mattress that addresses the long term aspect. Though your kid will disappear in the large bed, they will soon fill it, and you will not need to go back to the store to get another mattress every time your child adds an inch to their height.

Things To Consider In Mattress Sizes

  • Do you have ample space in your child’s room to fit in the mattress/bed and still have space for a study table and other important furniture pieces?
  • Are there chances that the mattress will be used in a different room?
  • Will your kids be using bunk beds or sharing a big bed?
  • Are you interested in a large quality mattress that you will not need to replace as the child grows or in smaller mattresses that will need replacements?

Keep in mind that the larger the sleeping surface is, the more comfortable the kid will be. This is especially important for active sleepers, which means that your kids change positions a lot as they sleep. The most important benefit of a large high-quality mattress is its longevity and the fact that it may last through their childhood.

The Type of Mattress

After you have successfully dealt with the ‘size’ challenge, the next step is deciding on the type of mattress you are going to buy. The conventional innerspring mattress has been a popular choice for kids’ beds, but the list of the best mattresses for kids in 2017 has new types of mattresses such as the hybrid of memory foam and innerspring and the memory foam mattresses.

Regardless of the mattress you choose, the most important thing is whether the mattress offers the comfort your child deserves. A mattress with the required support structure will eliminate pressure points that may lead to a restless night full of tossing and turning. The following are some of the types of spring mattresses you may want to consider for your child:

  • Open Coil – This is an all-around coil mattress with the ideal system to keep your child comfortable, and the inexpensive price will keep your wallet comfortable.
  • Zoned – This mattress is designed to give maximum support in the middle of the bed where the body needs it most. It is a perfect choice for a growing child.
  • Continuous Spring Mattress – The lump-free nature of this mattress gives your baby a responsive feel and a smooth rest through a continuous spring system that runs from head to toe to help in weight distribution.

If your kid is old enough to say what they want, you can take them with you to the store for a shopping experience. You can be sure that your child will tell you the mattress he/she wants after lying on a few of them .

Materials Used In Making The Mattress

The materials used in making the mattress are important elements in buying the ideal mattress for your child’s bed. It is crucial that you understand that many synthetic mattresses may have chemical-based components that can be sources of respiratory problems, skin irritations and allergies.

To avoid all these, you should go for a mattress with natural materials such as natural latex, hemp, silk, and bamboo. Also, you must read the manufacturer’s description to better understand the components used in making the product before purchasing a mattress that will cause a number of health problems to your child.

Comfort Level

The comfort level refers to the feel of the mattress. The manufacturer will have different approaches to the degree of firmness their product has. Firmness should however not be confused with the support structure. While a pillow-top and extra firm mattress will feel completely different, they may have the same support system. Here are the different mattresses according to how they feel at the top.

  • Extra Firm – This is the most rigid feel you will get on a mattress, and you will get little resistance from the mattress and may feel as if you are on a hard surface. Most kids transitioning from the rib to a bed will find an extra firm mattress comfortable since crib mattresses are generally firm.
  • Firm – These type of mattresses offer some degree of solidity but not as hard as the extra firm category. This mattress works well with children especially because it offers great comfort for their sleeping positions.
  • Plush – This is the perfect balance between soft and firm. This mattress allows your kids to slightly sink in by offering a soft top.
  • Ultra Plush – Also referred to as pillow-top mattresses, ultra plush mattresses offer the highest level of softness you will find on a mattress. The manufacturers use layers of soft comfortable materials at the top of the mattress to offer a pillow-like feel that allows the sleeper to sink deeper.


Everything we buy is partly influenced by the price tag. While you should not spend too much on a mattress, it is clear that the cheaper option will need replacement soon. Go for a mattress that is comfortable to your child and is durable enough to help you save money used on replacement.


If you want your kid to stick to a mattress for a long time, you need to choose a high quality mattress that comes with a solid warranty that backs up the quality. Check to see if the retailer has a policy that allows you to return the mattress you bought after a certain period, if you find out it does not meet your child’s needs.

Read the manufacturer’s warranty and pay attention to the fine print. You will mostly get a warranty for 5 to 10 years for high quality mattresses. The retailer should pick up the mattress in case of any situations requiring repairs, while in some cases you will need to take it yourself.

Top Kid’s Mattress Comparison

The following are tables containing different brands of mattresses and information on some of the most important aspects that you need to be checking when buying a mattress for your kid:

Best Kids Mattresses Under $500

Mattress brandPriceTop of Mattress – QuiltAverage reviewsFirmnessComfort ScaleMaterialsMade In:
Sealy Posturepedic Santa Paula III Plush Euro Top Mattress


Approximately $400-$450– Flame guard Fiber

– 2″ x 0.5″ SealyCushion Ultra Soft Foam



4.5Plush5– Pre-compressed polyfoam

-Individually wrapped coils

– Sealy Embrace Coil

-Coil Gauge: 14.25

– SolidEdge HD Edge System

Serta Perfect Sleeper Alimar Plush Mattress


$390 – $350– Pillo-fill

– FireBlocker

– 1″ Serta PillowSoft Foam

4.5Plush-Gel Foam

-1″ Serta PillowSoft Foam

– Serta Insulator Pad

Corsicana 8020 Lockhart Pillow Top Mattress$300 – $350– Fire Retardant – – Fiber Fire-Safety Certified

– 1 1/2″ Ultra Soft Quilt Foam

– Quilt Backing

4.4Pilloow-top5– Ultra Soft Quilt Foam and Comfort Foam

– Coil System: Bonnell Coil

=Coil Gauge: 13.5

-Foam Encased Edge Support

Simmons BeautySleep Solar Fest Plush Mattress


$-300 – $3501″ AirCool Foam4.5Plush5– AirCool foam and EnergyFoam

– 700 Series Wrapped Coils

– 1″ Energy Foam

– 360 Degree Foam Encasement

– Coil Gauge: 15



Best Kids Mattresses Under $1000

Mattress brandPriceTop of Mattress – QuiltAverage reviewsFirmnessComfort ScaleMaterialsMade In:
Spring Air Back Supporter Perfect Balance Savannah Plush Mattress


$500 -$550– 1.0 ounce per square inch Fire Resistant Anti-Microbial Fibers

– 1″ Caressable Foam

– 1″ Caressable Foam

4.5Plush4.5– Zoned Alternating Coil system

– 1″ Caressable Foam

– 1″ Caressable Foam

– Sleep Shield

Corsicana Cool Reflections 9620 Mattress


$500 – $600– 2″ Cool Reflections Gel

– 2″ Cool Reflections Memory Foam

Pillow Top4.5– Coil System: 6″ High Density Foam Core

– Memory Foam

– ComfortU Foam

Sealy Posturepedic Cooper Mountain III Cushion Firm Mattress


$600 – $700FlameGuard Fiber

– 2″ x 0.5″SealyCushion Ultra Soft Foam


5Cushion Firm5– SealyCushion Extra Soft and Ultra Soft Foam

– Sealy Embrace Coil

– Coil Gauge: 14.25

– SolidEdge HD Edge System


Best Mattresses Over $1000

Mattress brandPriceTop of Mattress – QuiltAverage reviewsFirmnessComfort ScaleMaterialsMade In:
Restonic Comfort Care Select Amherst Plush Mattress


$600 – $15001 1/2″ Deep Quilt with Marvelous Middle4.6Plush4.5– Tempered Pocketed Coil

– 1″ High Density Firm Foam

– Border Rod Gauge: 6

-Foam Encased Edge Support

Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Sapphire Suite Double Sided Plush Mattress


$600 – $1800– Temperature Control Pillo-Fill Fiber

– FireBlocker

– 1 1/2″ Serta -PillowSoft Foam

4.7Plush4.5– High grade Polyfoam

– Coil System: High Profile Continuous Support System

– Foam Encased Edge Support

– ZoneActive 5-Zone Foam Topper

– 1″ Serta PillowSoft Foam

– Serta Insulator Pad

Sealy Posturepedic Plus Archer Glen III Cushion Firm Euro Pillow Top Mattress 

$600 – $2300

– FlameGuard Fiber

– 2″ x 0.5″SealyCushion Ultra Soft Foam

4.6Cushion Firm Euro Pillow Top4– SealyCool Gel Memory Foam

– SealyEmbrace Plus Coil System

– Coil Gauge: 13.75

– SolidEdge HD System