Recycling Mattresses

If you have an unwanted or old mattress at your place, you must not throw it away, and instead consider recycling it. While mattresses are not often recycled, it is better to recycle them instead of sending them to landfills.

On an average, a mattress must last about ten years. The word average is used because some high-end mattresses may last well over ten years and some that may last less than seven years. The period your mattress lasts will depend on the materials used and the actual use of the mattress.

So, now that you have used your mattress for years, and it’s uncomfortable, you need to shop for a new one, in order to replace the saggy old thing you are spending a night of tossing and turning on. Have you ever thought about where this mattress will go? Well, there is mattress recycling and it can help you reduce your carbon footprints as well as reduce the damage caused by the destruction of these mattresses using different methods!

Thousands of mattresses are disposed of each year and without a proper management of these mattresses, we will be speaking of mattress hills. This is not to say that the recycling is as efficient as we may want it to be. It just means that the recycling companies are taking great steps in reducing the mattress ‘‘garbage’’, to ensure that the environment is protected from all the old mattress burning.

There are a number of great mattress recycling companies that break down the mattresses into different components and, use up to 90% of the old mattress to create new mattresses or completely different products. So whenever you think about disposing of your mattress, just think where it will go and whether it will help someone.

Also, keep in mind that as you switch to a new mattress, there are people who sleep on the hard floor and will greatly appreciate the ‘‘worst’’ of your mattress. In addition to protecting the environment, mattress recycling will help others who cannot afford a new mattress and need a softer place to sleep than the floor.

Advantages of Mattress Recycling

. It offers a high financial incentive as a replacement to landfills.

. Landfill equipment issues created by mattress springs can be immensely reduced.

. Recycled steel from old or unwanted mattress can be utilized for construction purposes, and is good cost saving.

. Recycled foam can be cleaned and utilized for creating mattress pads or even carpet pads.

Returning Mattresses

So, you are looking for a new mattress to replace the uncomfortable old saggy mattress you have been sleeping on for the past decade. Well, there are important things that you need to keep in mind when buying a mattress from a particular brand. One of these things is the return policy. Though most people will want to buy a mattress that they may love and sleep on for the next few years, things do not always go as we plan.

Returning a mattress is a common thing in this industry, because users buy mattresses they think will offer some kind of comfort and meet their needs, but they end up disappointed. Most mattress companies understand this, and they offer a trial period which allows users to test the mattress at home for anything between 30 and 120 days. If the user does not love the mattress or thinks it is not what the company claimed it to be, they can return it within this period.

All companies have their own return policy, and you will need to read the fine print before you purchase the mattress. While some mattress companies and re-sellers will genuinely offer a good return policy where you do not have to pay anything, some will charge you a fee for the shipping. Check whether you are responsible for the packaging and what other conditions the company has. Some companies will make it difficult for you to return the mattress to avoid any extra costs on their end.

When you are buying a new mattress, make sure you choose a company that allows you to return the mattress without charging you anything and with money back guarantee. Most reputable companies will donate the mattress you return or they may recycle and sell it. Just make sure you clearly understand the return policy before committing to any brand.