Sleep Number Matteresses

sleep-number-logoSleep Number beds and mattresses are produced by a company named Select Comfort, based in Minneapolis.  Select Comfort has been in business since 1987, and it dominates the permanent-use air-bed market. This company is famous for its adjustable air mattresses, which enable customers to adjust the mattresses firmness according to their liking.  The mattress firmness can be adjusted according to sleep number; the higher the sleep number, the higher the firmness.  It’s a unique concept that makes this company stand out. Also, the firmness on both sides of the mattress can be adjusted differently making it ideal for sleepers with different comfort preferences. The best thing is that it can be adjusted by a smartphone or tablet application. Moreover, you can even track how you’ve slept with SleepIQ technology.  The company is also currently manufacturing memory foam mattresses. Their products are available online, as well as in Sleep Number stores.

Company’s Promise 

YOU BOTH DESERVE THE BEST SLEEP OF YOUR LIFE. The best sleep of your life starts with Sleep Number® adjustability. Somewhere between zero and 100 is your ideal comfort–your Sleep Number® setting—whether it’s extra firm or feather soft.


Sleep Number Commercial 

Sleep Number Classic Series Mattress

The Sleep Number Classic Series from Select Comfort is an innovative series of adjustable mattresses. Customers can enjoy the benefit of an adjustable-firmness mattress. The Classic series is not just one kind of mattress, but in fact, three different models – the c2, c3, and c4. The variations are primarily in their profile:

  • 8 inches (20.32 cm) for the c2 with a soft woven fabric cover. Valued at $599.
  • 10 inches (25.4 cm) for the CSE. It is quilted foam, plush style mattress with 2-inch exclusive comfort layer. Priced at $1,599-$1,799.
  • 10 inches (25.4 cm) on the c4. The c4 model is a pillow top, plush style mattress with a breathable knit fabric cover. Costs $1,299-$1, 499.

After assembling the mattress, connect the air pump to it. The pump needs to be adjusted, but once set, it will maintain the correct pressure and provide you with a restful night. Finding out the “sleep number” or firmness level may be tricky at first. In the start, pump the mattress up to its maximum firmness of 100. When you lie down, you will feel the maximum support the mattress can give. Fiddle around with the pump and finally, rest at the firmness level at which you feel most comfortable.

  • Mattress type: Air
  • Level of Firmness: Plush
  • Mattress composition: Foam with air chambers, adjustable by air pump.
  • Edge Support: All- around foam encasement for providing maximum surface space to be utilized and better seating area.
  • Mattress Cover: Breathable soft-knit fabric.
  • Mattress Thickness: 8 inches to 10 inches (20.32-25.4 cm)
  • Unique Feature: Adjustable air mattress with wired or wireless remote
  • Trial period: 30-45 days

Performance series

These mattresses are ideal for people with back problems as they provide pressure relief and contouring. They do cost more than the Classic series mattresses, but provide optimum support with five specially designed comfort zones for head, neck, shoulders, feet and hips. The Performance series mattresses have a breathable rayon top cover.

Proof of innovative techniques of Select Comfort, the Performance series mattresses are equipped with specially designed air chambers that can be easily adjusted with a wireless handheld remote. So, it is unbelievably convenient to adjust the firmness or sleep number of the mattress, depending on your comfort requirements.

The Performance series mattresses are further enhanced with dual air technology. This advanced technique enables customers to adjust the firmness of their own side of the mattress without disturbing their partner.

The Sleep Number Performance series mattress has three members:

  • p5 Sleep Number Bed
  • p6 Sleep Number Bed
  • p7 Sleep Number Bed

The Performance series mattresses are a perfect combination of luxury and comfort and are highly durable. Another striking feature of the Performance series mattresses is their special 11-inch European pillow top surface.

Memory Foam Series:

This series ranges in price from $2800-$3000. It consists of two mattresses:

  • Sleep Number m6 mattress. It has a 10-inch profile.
  • Sleep Number m7 mattress. It has a 12-inch profile.

Special features of this series are:

  • Trademark SLEEP NUMBER® DualAir™ technology allows users to adjust firmness on each side of the mattress for their ideal level of comfort.
  • Three-inch thick CoolFit™ foam with gel technology for a soothing, cool bed surface.
  • Contouring and breathable cover.
  • Soft-knit fabric cover.
  • Modern styling.

Innovation series:

Mattresses belonging to this series are the most expensive, ranging from $2300 to $4200.

It consists of:

  • Sleep Number® Ultimate Limited Edition mattress
  • Sleep Number® i8 bed
  • Sleep Number® i10 bed

The technically designed, advanced fabric of Innovation series keeps away moisture so that the user experiences the same temperature throughout the night and there is no discomfort due to heat. The Innovation series mattresses are thicker than the other Sleep Number series. They are up to 12-inches thick and come with a memory foam topper. The Innovation series mattresses are ideal for sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress. These mattresses work brilliantly for people afflicted with back pain.


Sleep Number mattresses are available in a variety of sizes:

  • King (Eastern)/Split King, starting at $3299
  • California King, starting at $1049
  • Queen, starting at $ 799
  • Full/Double, starting at $499
  • Twin, starting at $299
  • Twin Extra-Long starting at $399

Price and value:

If you are searching for a durable, good quality mattress without any specific requirements, the value you get from Sleep Number might not be as good as from some other brands. In general, the Classic and Performance series mattresses provide the best value for your money. But, if you share a bed with a partner and need to customize separately and adjust the Sleep Number, than this is the best option for you.


The exceptional construction of the Sleep Number mattresses allows them to last a much longer time than conventional mattresses.  If something goes amiss with the mattress, it is usually due to malfunctioning of a single part.  In this case, the faulty part can easily be replaced, and your mattress as an overall unit will work fine.  If you compare this to a coil mattress, if something goes wrong in the latter, the entire mattress has to be replaced.


  • Mattress firmness is easily adjustable.
  • Ideal for couples as either side of the bed can be adjusted independently.
  • It isolates motion. Motion is not transferred to other side of the bed providing maximum comfort.
  • Due to natural contouring and specially designed comfort zones, it decreases back and joint pain.
  • Reduces pressure points and lowers tossing and turning.
  • In-home trial available.
  • Components are lightweight and easy to move.


  • A lot of Sleep Number bed users report a problem with the middle of the mattress, where the two air chambers converge. Some customers say there is a “trench” or “valley” in the center, while others report a “lump.”
  • The air pumps of Sleep Number mattresses can cause quite a racket and lead to disturbance.
  • Some users have reported mold and mildew growth.
  • Some Sleep Number mattress customers have reported a problem that the mattress starts to lose air because of which the mattress loses its firmness. This is a very uncommon problem, though.
  • Many customers find Sleep Number mattresses to be too pricey as compared to other brands.