Water Mattresses

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, water mattresses were being used as an alternative to the traditional mattresses. While they might not be as popular as they used to be, the mattresses are making a comeback and have found a home in quite a lot of bedrooms. Water mattresses are symbols of great comfort and ultimate luxury. Most people who have used water mattresses have reported better sleep and pain relief. It is important to know if the water mattress is a great investment and what to look for when buying one.

Types of Water Mattresses

When most people think about a waterbed mattress, they have in mind the mattress that has support on all four sides and at the bottom. These were the mattress perfected in the 60’s making them popular in the 70’s and 80’s. This type of mattress will need a sturdy bed because it is not designed to stand alone. Most of the beds that can provide the required support to such a water mattress will need more space than what the normal beds occupy. Though this is the case, you will benefit from some of the features they have such as extra drawers that are within the headboard or beneath the bed.

Today, the technology used in making water mattresses has changed, and most of them can stand alone. These mattresses feature study sides which allow them to stand alone without the support provided by the special waterbed frame to keep its shape intact. These mattresses are filled with water and for sturdiness they are covered with foam and vinyl. They will look more like a conventional mattress than the traditional waterbed mattress. Without proper instructions, a person who does not know that they are sleeping on a water mattress will probably damage it.

Myths and Concerns

Water mattresses have a lot of benefits, but there are some concerns. The good news is that most of the disadvantages will not be much of serious issues like you might think. Some myths that exist will keep most people from buying a water mattress. While most of the things that keep people from buying water mattresses are untrue, there are things that you need to consider before you purchase one.

Weight Issues

While water mattresses are heavier than most of the mattresses in the market, they will not exert pressure that is more than what the refrigerator does. There are load stress requirements, and these mattresses will not exceed the set limits. It is important to ask the Landlord or check whether your home can comfortably support the load of this mattress.

Leakage Potential

Water mattresses are made using heavy duty vinyl that is quite difficult to rupture or puncture with normal use. There is a liner inside which is used to prevent any external leaks. To prevent leakages, it is important to keep away all animals. People with long nails, piercings and lots of jewelry should be careful not to puncture the water mattress. Some mattresses will be punctured by zippers and rivets used in most clothes. Since water mattresses are weak near the edges, it should be stripped carefully. With proper care, the mattress will not leak anytime soon.

Motion Sickness

A lot of people have never had a chance to know whether or not they have motion sickness. Most people with motion sickness feel sick when they are on a vessel in the ocean, play video games with panning screens or when traveling in a car. There are very few people that have reported feeling sick after sleeping on a water mattress. In most cases, people have said that sleeping on a water mattress is the best feeling they have ever had, especially because there is no tossing and turning. Water mattresses ensure that you do not have pressure points, and this is what reduces the need to change position. When you are relaxed in one position, the waves will stop. To solve this problem, there are also waveless and semi-waveless water mattresses.

Heat Source

If the water mattress is unheated, it will draw heat from your body, and this can make it quite uncomfortable and in some cases, it might bring about a number of health problems due to the low temperature. Most water mattresses on the market today will come with a system that controls the temperature of the water. If the mattress is large, it might take a long time to heat, especially in cool areas. This simply means that you will have to pay more for your utility bills.


Water mattresses make noise when they are not properly filled with water. The empty spaces result in splashing, and this is what causes the noise. As you take the mattress home, keep in mind that you need to fill it every time you hear the splashing. Most people do not want to fill the waterbed, because they are afraid of bursting it. Prior to filling it with water, talk to a water bed expert or read the manual to understand what you need to do.


The water mattress set-up process can take time especially when a bed frame is involved. You must first fill the mattress with water then start the heating to set the temperatures to the correct levels. Moving a water mattress is also a great task, because you will need to empty the mattress, move it, then start filling it with water once you have put it in the right place.

Motion Types

With water mattresses, a motion is always a great deal. There are different water mattresses in relation to the motion or the waves in the mattress.

  • Free-Flow Waterbeds – This is the traditional water mattress, where water flows freely in the vinyl or bladder. With this mattress, the wooden frame is very important to keep the mattress in shape. Water will continue to move a few seconds freely after you have settled on the mattress. Once you are stable, you will feel as if you are floating.
  • Semi-Waveless Water Mattress – Since some people do not like the motion associated with the full-motion water mattresses, manufacturers use resin or foam to reduce the waves. The waves will still be felt but will be greatly reduced as compared to the traditional water mattress.
  • Waveless/Motion-free Waterbeds – These mattresses are created by combining foam and fiber to reduce the motion. They are motionless and are the best options for people, who love to enjoy the best advantages of a water mattress without having to deal with the motion and waves.


Comfort is always an important topic when mattresses are involved. The level of comfort offered by a mattress is determined by the comfort layer attached to it. While water mattresses are comfortable for most people, there are some who will not feel comfortable with the floating feeling they offer. The level of comfort is a matter of personal preference, and you should always go for a water mattress that meets your needs or lifestyle changes.


Size always matters, and it is important that you choose the best size that suits your needs. Consider the space you have or the size of your bed and this will help you a great deal in selecting the right mattress that will fit in perfectly.


Water mattresses are delicate, and their lifespan will greatly depend on how you handle them. If you have an animal that sleeps on your bed, a water mattress might not be the best option for you. You should keep the mattress away from sharp, metallic, plastic or wooden objects that can puncture the vinyl. If you take care of the mattress, it will last long.


Water mattresses can be pricey, especially the ones from reputable brands. Most of the traditional water mattresses are not all that expensive, but the waveless water mattresses are quite expensive considering they are made using different materials to enhance the comfort.

The following are tables that cover important information about water mattress brands/models according to their price range.

Best Water Mattresses Under $500

Mattress brandPricesizeAverage reviewsMaterialsMade in
Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress Hydro-Support 1400 King$210King4Feathertop pressure reduction surfaceUSA
California King Waveless Waterbed Mattress 72w x 84L Boyd Lumbar Supreme with a Fill Kit & a 4oz Bottle of Premium Clear Bottle Conditioner$249king4.4virgin vinyl with a vacuum molded top
InnoMax Genesis 800 Ultra Waveless Lumbar Support Waterbed Mattress, Queen$318King324 mil premium vinylChina
Sterling Flotation S-Class 700SXE Ultra-Waveless Hardside Waterbed Mattress size Cal King$465Cal KingProgressive Rate Spring

 Water Mattresses Under $1000

Mattress brandPricesizeAverage reviewsMaterialsMade in
SF6 LS Sanctum Plus Sanctuary Waveless Hardside Waterbed Premium Bundle Package Super Single$624Super SingleDurable Puncture Resistant Heavy Gauge VinylUSA
Classic Brands Sleep Master Softside Waterbed Mattress Size=Queen Fluid Chamber=500 Free Flow


$868Queen5Pillowtop, natural wool and a soft Euro-Damask cover
King Size 76x 80 Cotton Pillowtop Softside Waterbed Mattress with Digital Heater, Liner, Your choice of Bladders and a Fill Kit W/ conditioner$999king4Cotton Blend Pillow-Top Cover

 Best Water Mattresses Over $1000

Mattress brandPricesizeAverage reviewsMaterialsMade in
Cal King Comfort Craft Perfections Softside Waterbed Deep Fill 850 Dual System$1039Cal Kingeep Fill 850 Dual Softside Waterbed Bladder
Classic Brands Sleep Master Softside Waterbed Mattress Size=King Fluid Chamber=500 Free Flow$1138King5plush, pillowtop, natural lamb wool
Water Bed Mattress Complete 99% Waveless No Frame Required, 9 Inch Royal Supreme$2099King25 Mil Vinyl Chamber and wool fiber supported by DacronUSA