Buying a mattress online: What you need to know!

If you wake up with a sore and achy body, your mattress may need to be replaced. The average age of your mattress is 7-8 years. After that, it starts compromising on your comfort level, and comfortable sleep becomes a far-fetched dream. That’s why, even if your mattress doesn’t look weary or torn, you need to consider changing it for the sake of relaxed sleep. With a new mattress, you’ll wake up fresh and energized for the next morning.

Buying a mattress may become frustrating, but you can ease your purchasing session by educating yourself about all the available options. First of all, you need to decide where to shop for a mattress. You can always go to a nearby store, but why spend so much time and energy roaming around in stores when your mattress is just one click away? Yes, online shopping comes as a charming alternative due to its bunch of perks.

Why Should You Buy Mattresses Online?

There are a bunch of online stores working to offer you best quality mattresses. They have a wide variety of materials and different types of mattresses that provide great comfort level. Even brick and mortar retailer stores do not offer such a wide variety. Apart from this, online shopping has many bright sides.

  • It is time saving: What is more time consuming- exploring different websites on your computer or searching for mattresses by hitting different stores in the market? Of course, surfing internet comes handy. The internet saves a lot of your time and energy. It also offers you more variety as compared to mortar-brick stores and your purchase is just one click away.
  • It saves you from tiring walks: Walking from one store to another searching for a good quality mattress, which meets all your requirements, is definitely a tiresome job. Moreover, comparison shopping is even more frustrating because usually, each manufacturer makes its own variety of mattresses. But online shopping offers you lots of convenience by rescuing you from tiring shopping session. That’s why it should be your choice.
  • It’s cheap: Online shops have reasonable prices as compared to brick and mortar retailers. A notion is that online stores charge 15% lower than manual stores. Probably it’s because brick and mortar retailers occupy a place, and they need to compensate taxes from their sales. Plus most online retailers don’t charge sale tax or delivery charges.
  • Owner satisfaction is considerably higher: Online shopping has recently surfaced as a popular option for buyers, and fortunately owner satisfaction is quite high. Some data on owner satisfaction for mattresses bought online is tabulated below:
Type of mattressOwner satisfaction when Mattress bought from brick and mortar storeOwner satisfaction when Mattress bought from online store
Memory foam mattress82%78%
Latex foam mattress69%83%
Innerspring mattress63%65%
  • You don’t rely on a sale person: Do not take sales pressure for granted. No one wants a person constantly urging to buy a mattress. Plus, if you rely on a salesperson, to get the necessary information, you may end up making a wrong choice. No one knows your personal preferences like you do. So, educating yourself is a more viable solution to getting a mattress, because it leads you into making a right choice. Online shopping makes you do that because it offers no comfort zone or hassle in the form of a sales manager.
  • Product reviews serve you best: The biggest attraction of online shopping is that you can find plenty of reviews left by previous consumers. This will inform you about pros and cons of each product and lead you into choosing one with best reviews. The crucial thing to consider here is that different customers have different expectations, and you can never expect a single product to satisfy every customer needs. So, it’s okay to have some negative reviews, but most of them should be according to your requirements.

Some prerequisites of shopping online:

Once you have established that you’re going to make an online purchase, keep the following prerequisites in mind:

  • Do you have a reasonable internet connection?
  • Have you explored all your options and decided which type of mattress you need?
  • Do you have a running bank account or credit card for making payment? Some online retailers offer payment on delivery, while others can accept payment cards only.

Make sure you have checked these things before starting an online shopping session. It saves you from later frustration.

What Should You Know While Buying A Mattress Online?

If you enter into the shopping world without any beforehand knowledge of mattresses, you will be stuck. There will be plenty of variety, and every mattress will look beautiful enough to be yours. Eventually, you will end up investing in a major purchase with no output. To save yourself from this situation, you need to consider the following factors while making a decision:

  1. Types of Mattress:

Mattresses come in various types differing in their material, comfort level, firmness, and price. You need to have knowledge of all this.

  • Innerspring mattress (support system has springs or coils with a thin comfort layer at top)
  • Memory foam mattress (foam as support system)
  • Latex foam (rubber sap or synthetic material as support system)
  • Hybrid mattress (inner springs and coils with a layer of memory foam on top)
  • Air mattress
  • Water beds

Each of this type offers various options in its comfort level and thickness. So, you have to choose according to personal preferences. Online shopping aids you in finding variety in each type so that you can buy a perfect piece. Here we will discuss it in more details.

  1. Firmness:

Firmness is an account of the stiffness of a mattress. Each type of mattress described above offers different levels of firmness. Online retailers mention firmness level with each piece. The terminologies like ‘‘plush’’, ‘‘medium’’, etc. are used to describe firmness.

Type of firmnessPersonal preferencesSleeping positionBody weightBack pain issues
Plush (least firm)For those who love sinking in their mattress and want hug effectLying on backFor light weight peopleNot recommended
Medium firm For those who like their mattress contoured around their bodySide sleepersBoth light and heavy weight people can use thisNot recommended
Ultra Firm For those who like to float on their bed, not sinking inStomach sleepersFor heavy weight peopleRecommended
  1. Size Of Mattress:

Before making an online purchase, you need to know about dimensions of your bed and size of mattress you want. Mattresses come in many sizes. Some standard sizes are given below to give you a rough idea about size:

  • Queen-size mattress = 60 inches (152.5 cm) x 80 inches (203 cm) approximately
  • King-size mattress = 78 inches (198 cm) x 80 inches (203 cm) approximately
  • For single or bunk bed mattress = 39 inches (99 cm) x 75 inches (190.5 cm) approximately

You can adjust your desired size according to length and width of your bed. Online retailers usually offer many sizes in each type of bed.

  1. Budget:

Either online or in a brick and mortar store, pricing is what mainly drives your choice. That’s why the budget is an important factor before making an online purchase. However, “the pricier, the better” notion is wrong. You need at least $500 for buying a long-lasting and good quality mattress.

Don’t consider the ones priced lower than this because they are not durable. You can find many online retailers selling good quality mattresses in $500-1000 range which is ideal. One perk of online shopping is that the prices are approximately 15% lower than prices in brick and mortar stores. No sales tax is included in majority online retailers, which also lets you cut down on your budget.

  1. Product Description:

Online retailers put a product description on every product. It explains features of mattress along with its material, comfort level, and firmness. Read every product description carefully and extract out the mattress that matches your requirements. This will help you in making an informed decision about choosing a mattress.

  1. Online Reviews:

Online reviews are a major source of attraction of the online market. You can access reviews given by previous buyers and collect an honest opinion about the product. One tip to add here is that you should go beyond the website of the retailer for more information.

Check their Twitter account and Facebook. However, don’t expect every review to be a good one. Every customer holds different expectations from a product, so opinion may vary. What you have to do is gather reviews that match your requirements the most and make an order.

  1. Delivery Charges:

Majority online retailers offer free delivery of the product which is less often in manual shopping. So, check if there are any delivery charges before making an order.

  1. Warranty:

Warranty is crucial while making a purchase. If you want to enjoy your mattress for a long period of time, the warranty should be your top priority. Before you make a purchase, check if your online retailer offers a warranty. All good online stores offer at least 5-10 years warranty.

Beware of pseudo-warranties, too. Some stores claim to take your mattress back, if it damages within a year, but mostly they are false claims. Warranty is given for the repair of the mattress in a given period of time. So, choose an online store which offers you a reasonable warranty period for your mattress.

  1. Return Policy:

Since you’re buying a mattress online, you don’t have the ability to touch it or take a test. Here, return policy comes into the picture and saves your investment. Many online retailers offer a return policy of 10-30 days. It means if you’re not satisfied, or your mattress doesn’t match your requirements, you can return it in a given slot of time.

  1. Online Retailers:

The Internet is flooded with online stores selling mattresses, but not every retailer is reliable. You have to extract out the retailers that have your desired mattress, but in case you’re doubtful about the reliability, always check if the retailer is registered. If it isn’t, don’t make a purchase. Warranty, return policy, the region where they provide services are also important factors to note. Some reliable, good quality online retailers are tabulated below along with their features:

Online storeDescription Price ranges WarrantyDelivery chargesDelivery areaReturn policy
Casper -Offers only one type of mattress in various sizes

-the mattress has a latex foam layer covering a layer of memory foam

Starts from $500 for a twin bed10 yearsFreeUSA100 nights
Leesa -Sells only one type of mattress in six different sizes and dimensions.

-their design is simple and has 2 inches memory foam in it.

-designed for all types of weights.

$89010 yearsFreeUSA100 nights

$100 charges on a return for Alaska and Hawaii customers.

Tuft and needles-Sells only one type of mattress in six size ranges

-the mattress has a universal comfort level and breathability.

Begins from $350 for a twin mattress.10 years-No delivery charges in the contiguous USA

-Additional charged off $120-1290 in Alaska and Hawaii, depending on size of mattress

USA100 nights
1800mattress -All types of mattresses are available in different material and brands.

-They started as a physical store but now provide online facilities too.

Under $99-$8000No warranty-Delivery charges are $39.99

-Free delivery on order above $399.98

USANo return policy
Nest-Five types of mattresses with different materials available

-Variety of sizes available

Starting from $89 for a memory foam-Love bed: 10 years

-Others: 20 years

Free deliveryUSAMinimum 30 days but flexible return policy is available

11. Making A Payment:

Before making a payment check following boxes:

  • You have checked that the website is reliable
  • Contact number and email of online retailers are given
  • It delivers in your region
  • You have read the product description carefully
  • Size of the product is correct
  • You have checked online reviews about the seller
  • You have checked the return policy
  • You have checked the privacy policy of the retailer

Once you check all these boxes, you’re ready to make a payment, and your mattress is just one click away!